This Is What A Cuddle Attack By Aussie Puppies Looks Like

No baby is safe.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @greenvalleyaussies

This breed is so dangerous that you can barely tell where it is when it chooses its hiding spot amongst all these other cuddly … err … we mean ferocious impostors! After all, we just have to think of the children.

We all know that having a dog and baby in the same house can be a bit tricky. You know with all the trading of food, babies sticking doggy ears in their mouths, and all around playing and frolicking. But what happens when you happen to be raising a baby and litters of puppies? Utter mayhem! Babies and puppies turn into one giant problem when they start to learn how to walk and run around. You have to start gating your house for your own protection!

We hope you see our sarcasm, and we hope you love this adorable Aussie breeding family. At Green Valley Aussies, there are always puppies running around their property. And what makes it even better is that now they have a chubby one-year-old baby running around with them.

Be prepared for many photos and videos from their Instagram to hit you with cuteness.

Someone help him! They’re kissing and cuddling him to death! Oh no!! Tickles, kisses and overall love = what we’re all searching for in our lives. This little kid is lucky enough to get all of it and more!


Credit: Instagram / @greenvalleyaussies

These newborn puppies are infecting this chubby infant with their ferocious hypnosis to keep him smiling. How will he ever escape that puppy pile? No one would ever want to escape this puppy pile!

This baby gets to grow with so many litters of puppies!


Credit: Instagram / @greenvalleyaussies

Even the bigger doggos attack him with many surprise licks. What’s going to happen if he gets knocked over from that lick? I think he’ll get even more kisses, if that’s possible.

Baby boy is concerned that the puppies are in the outside world – “We need to bring them back in ASAP.”


Credit: Instagram / @greenvalleyaussies

Soon this pup will be full-grown and twice the size of this human. Will he still treat him as an equal or overthrow the humans?? My heart legitimately hurts from cuteness.

From birth, these two species don’t know they’re different, just one’s furrier than the other.


Credit: Instagram / @greenvalleyaussies

An update after surviving the newborn puppy pile – he has risen up, but his legs are still stuck. What do you think his next step is now that his feet are completely covered? I think he’ll accept that he’s stuck in cuteness.

We have now learned that the puppies are faster than a baby of almost two years old. More to follow.


Credit: Instagram / @greenvalleyaussies

“Mum, you brought me more puppies?” This baby is the luckiest baby, and we all wish we could trade lives with him. Imagine waking up to new litters of puppies on a regular basis.

You basically just have playmates for life.


Credit: Instagram / @greenvalleyaussies

And sleeping in the doghouse is not a bad thing at this home either. It actually looks quite cozy and cuddly.

The new Fast and Furious movie looks pretty awesome. Someone buy us tickets to this movie!


Credit: Instagram / @greenvalleyaussies

Who needs friends when you can play with all the friendly dogs you want? This Aussie could probably push him down the slide gently, too!

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