This Adorable Wide-Eyed Kitty Is Too Cute For Words!


By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @tussetroll_and_tingeling

She’s basically Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, but she’s tinier and can’t breathe fire. She’s hiding the bottom half of her face behind that silly mask!

Tingeling and her brother Tussetroll are two kitties from Norway. Although both kitties are nearly purr-fect, Tingeling steals the spotlight with her bright eyes that just pop from her beautiful, black coat. She almost looks like a cartoon! It’s no wonder that she’s captured over 172,000 hearts on Instagram. Everyone loves her adorable face!

Tussetroll, a Persian puss, is beautiful and majestic in his own fluffy way and has his own pair of bright green eyes.

Tingeling just doesn’t look real and that’s what makes her so comical.

Imagine if she was hiding at the bottom of your paper bag…she’d just be two big eyes, blinking in the darkness!


Credit: Instagram / @tussetroll_and_tingeling

She does have a little tongue! Can you see it? If you look closely, you can see her “blepping.” She’s even got pillowcases to match her face!

She’s just a big ball of fluff with two eyes who doesn’t look real.


Credit: Instagram / @tussetroll_and_tingeling

Like in this photo – she looks like a decoration on the bed. She’s effortlessly adorable. No purring, snuggling, or meowing necessary.


Credit: Instagram / @tussetroll_and_tingeling

Other times she can look like this! We hope we never get that reaction from this adorable kitty. She’s either really annoyed or really into grooming.


Credit: Instagram / @tussetroll_and_tingeling

And then like a comic book character, she has all these different emotions, too! She’s a versatile actor, like Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

But any way you look at her, you can’t help but laugh or fall in love.


Credit: Instagram / @tussetroll_and_tingeling

Even when she’s lazing around and staring off into the void, you still want to stare at her mesmerizing eyes. It’d be better if we could hear her purr.


Credit: Instagram / @tussetroll_and_tingeling

We’re really curious about what made her react this way. Maybe she saw a ghost! Her eyes are extremely expressive.


Credit: Instagram / @tussetroll_and_tingeling

And when her tongue makes an appearance, it’s even more adorable! Follow these kitties on Instagram @tussetroll_and_tingeling!