Your Daily Dose Of Seeing Eye Puppies

Everyone needs some puppies in their life – even if they’re just in picture form.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

Just look at this adorably pudgy pupper discovering a camera phone. This one broke away from the rest, who were playing with toys and napping, to investigate!

Now, if you happen to be dreading the workday, just remember that it’ll be done before you know it (especially, if you’re taking Internet puppy peeping breaks)! And remember that you’re probably making a difference in someone’s life with what you’re doing. Whether you’re checking a customer’s groceries or making big sales for your employer, or you are the employer and you’re just making the world spin, everyone has their special part to play.

That’s exactly what these puppies are doing. There are always puppies in training at Seeing Eye Dogs Vision Australia. From the moment they’re born these adorable puppies are destined to learn how to be the greatest helper they can be to their humans! But before they’re big enough, someone has to take care of them and take photos for the Internet to enjoy!


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

These puppies stay with a volunteer carer from eight weeks old to about 12 to 15 weeks old! You get to watch a whole litter learn how to do things, like rest on this bright toy.


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

Imagine having eight puppies who are impatiently waiting for you to come home! Look at their happy faces. Isn’t that just precious? What a welcoming committee!

They’re tiny, pudgy, and super silly!


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

Just look how cute this tiny handheld puppy is with his little grippy socks! This puppy probably doesn’t even need to use his socks since someone probably cradles him all the time.


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

This pudgy puppy is so proud of his lazy sit! Who else just wants to cover this puppy with pets and cuddles?


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

They’re so small and young, but this puppy on the left just looks so worried about life. Maybe he’s worried about his taxes – have you done yours yet?! The other puppy just looks happy to be sitting up!

They’re also very sleepy.


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

They have business meetings in circles like this. Like most meetings, they fell asleep where they sat down and nothing got done!


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

This bunch illustrates the three stages of sleepiness. The one with his mouth open is trying to keep the middle one interested in his tongue, the middle one is slowly investigating but slowly falling asleep, and the third one is KO’d!


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

They even have their own playhouses where they can dangle out the window and imagine their bright futures as helpful puppers! They can also nap on their playhouses and use their siblings as pillows.

But while they’re growing, they’re always learning!


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

Like how this one is learning that if you take your carer’s shoe, she will definitely chase you around and therefore stay longer. It’s as if a million toys don’t surround the puppies!


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

An even better tactic is to tug on whatever’s dangling on your carer’s neck. That’s how you get them to have a staring contest!


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

Either way, these cutie pies are destined to be more than just pets. They’re helpers for those who are visually impaired. They’re just going to be the best!

Hope you enjoyed these puppies!