This Puppy’s Adorable Patch Makes Him That Much More Special

He wears his puppy patch like a badge of honor!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @mister.enzoviola

Forget about looking for four leaf clovers! Instead, search for Enzo in the grass. He’s just as special as that rare Pokemon that you’ve been hunting – and perhaps even cuter!!!

Did you know that in rare cases Golden Retriever puppies are born with a black coloring on their faces? It’s true! While this trait is often mistaken for a birthmark, it’s actually caused by somatic mutation – a mix-up of sorts in the DNA of a cell.  These mutations can cause a Golden Retriever to be born with spots and patches of black in their coat and some cases can even result in a coat that is entirely black. Although, we’d like to think, the black coloring is like a sign that says, “This Puppy Is Extra Special.” While this mark makes it easier to tell your puppy from other puppies, it also makes yours much more interesting!

Enzo Viola is only four months old and is one of those special puppies with coloring on his face. Other than his special patch, he’s just like any other Golden puppy.

He just makes you turn your head for a double take!


Credit: Instagram / @mister.enzoviola

This was Enzo when his family first met and fell in love with him. As soon as Enzo’s future family saw him surrounded by his equally adorable siblings, they knew there was something unique about him, and we’re not just talking about his patch!


Credit: Instagram / @mister.enzoviola

Enzo, who is also referred to as “the polar bear,” is growing up so fast! While you can’t stop time, you can always scroll back up to look at pictures of baby Enzo. In addition to tricks and commands, Enzo has also learned that sticking out his tongue makes him 10x cuter and sillier. He will always be a puppy at heart!

One of Enzo’s favorite things to do is to roll around and run around in grass!


Credit: Instagram / @mister.enzoviola

Who needs fancy toys when you’ve got perfectly good mulch? Mister Enzo looks super excited sporting a light dusting of the landscaping material on his silky coat. Who knows? He might be trying to make his patch bigger. All intentions aside, Enzo is definitely having a bath tonight after the dog park!

Even as a big, pudgy potato puppy all he did was frolic in the grass and run into people’s arms. No matter what he’s doing, Enzo always finds a way to make even the simplest games and activities a lot of fun! His cuteness gives him an unfair advantage. Just kidding!


Credit: Instagram / @mister.enzoviola

The best days for Enzo are the days when he gets to sunbathe and chew on sticks in the grass. He’s only slightly perturbed when someone wants his attention. “Can’t you see I’m busy?!” Enzo promises he will come see you as soon as he’s done chewing his sticks and soaking up the sun.

And that’s usually where you’ll find him – in the grass.


Credit: Instagram / @mister.enzoviola

On walks, he’s happy to have your attention. As long as you keep discovering and exploring new places, he’s a whole bundle of joy! I’m sure he’d really appreciate if someone packed a tennis ball for him to chase and a bottle of water for him to slurpy up once he’s tired himself out.


Credit: Instagram / @mister.enzoviola

If Enzo misses out on his walks, this is the face he makes.“Mum, why are we here on the porch? Why aren’t we outside?” He’s 100% guilting you into taking him outside, but he’s not wrong. Daily exercise is an important part of keeping dogs healthy and happy. Grab that leash, put your runners on, and get outside!


Credit: Instagram / @mister.enzoviola

Enzo is (im)patiently waiting in the grass for his human to throw the ball. He’s so excited about being outside and feeling the wind through his coat.

We love that Enzo proudly wears his patch, and we recognize it is just one of many things that make him an extremely unique dog. Watch this Golden puppy grow up by following his Instagram account @mister.enzoviola.