Mommy, Daughter, And French Bulldog Trio Are Family Goals

The best things in life come in threes, right?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

Baby: Karen, Mommy: Lauren, and Frenchie: Miley! You need your arms for one and a carrier for the other. That’s what happens when you have two babies.

At one point in time, “the dream” was to get married by 25, have one and a half children by 27, and live in a big house with a gorgeous front yard. As each generation grows up, the definition of “the dream” changes. Instead of getting married, buying a house, and having children, some people are choosing to travel the world, rent houses or apartments, and hold off on having (human) children.

Here’s some next-level knowledge for everyone reading: If you do what makes you happy every single day, you’re (already) living the dream!

When we come across Instagram accounts like Laura’s, the family dream tugs at our heartstrings just a little. Having a mini version of yourself or your partner can be quite tempting, especially when babies are so beautiful. Laura’s baby girl is two years old and her Frenchie is three years old! Mom, baby, and doggy do everything together.


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

They chill out together on Mommy’s bed and take selfies. There’s never a need to change out of your pjs on the weekend anyways!


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

When the weather is nice, the trio bundle up and head out for a stroll. The cold can’t stop these three from having fun and getting some exercise. They look absolutely fabulous with their toques and jackets!

Everyone’s a princess at this house.


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

Baby Girl’s a princess with her sparkly eyes and big smile. Miley is her sister, puppy princess. They’re both ready to grow up together.


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

Miley, being the oldest, knows very well what it takes to be a princess. She knows it involves Nutella, pancakes with lots of fruit, and of course, a crown. Of course, dogs can’t eat chocolate but Miley is down for well trained photo magic.


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

They both even practice being like their mommy! Miley’s keeping an eye out for strangers and intruders, and Baby Girl’s taking care of her own baby girl.

Naps are a must and they must be had together.


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

At least one body part must be touching during the nap. In this one, Baby Girl has her arm under Miley and Miley’s got her arm on Baby Girl! Too cute!


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

Sometimes, Baby Girl wakes up after Miley, but Miley stays in bed to keep Baby Girl’s face warm! She’s very patient and doesn’t rush her to get up!


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

Even if they’re not sleeping, they relax together, too. Miley looks uber relaxed in the super comfy bathrobe. Being adorable 24/7 can be exhausting!

They do other things together, too.


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

They practice their reading together with an animal book – Miley’s favorite. We think Miley’s trying hard not to steal the snack from Baby Girl’s hand.


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

They especially love to eat together, too! Miley knows it’s probably fake food, but she plays along for the sake of fun!


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

It’s a cliché, but an ultimate BFF moment is eating an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with your best bud beside you. Just tell everybody else you split one container between the two of you. No one else needs to know you tackled a container by yourself. Honestly, we’re impressed!

But it’s all about the constant naps they have.


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

And their positions are pretty cute, too. Baby Girl is big enough to be the big spoon now! Did you spy her cute Frenchie leggings?? Where can we get some?


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

Miley got to be the bench in this sleeping position. We’re just surprised Baby Girl isn’t uncomfortable in that position.


Credit: Instagram / @laura_n_e_w

While it looks like these two are just catching some z’s, they’re probably on a great adventure together. In their dreams (and in real life, to be honest), Miley plays the noble steed while Baby Girl plays the princess. Their saga is just beginning!

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