The Best Kind Of Fitness Partner Is A Furry One

Meet Johnny Kane and his Pit Bull

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @johnnykane_official

These partners in fitness are cute for both their muscular bodies and their matching eyes! You could practically melt in their light eyes.

Johnny Kane has over 157 thousand followers on Instagram for two main reasons: he’s muscular and he’s a model. Half of those followers are potentially thirsty men and women who just admire his sculpted body and the other half are workout junkies who are dying to know what exactly he does to look like that. But, I follow him for another reason: because he has an adorable Pitty! He never calls his Pitty by name in the captions, so we’ll just call him “Dude”. When Johnny’s not working out, he’s taking selfies with Dude and it will make you ashamed if you ever thought Pitties were violent creatures. Dude just looks so happy, goofy, and gentle.

Have a look at Johnny’s most loyal workout buddy


Credit: Instagram / @johnnykane_official

This photo of Johnny and Dude shows the sun reflecting in Johnny’s pretty eyes while Dude’s partially glaring because he doesn’t want any selfies. He wants treats.


Credit: Instagram / @johnnykane_official

A rare photo of Johnny fully clothed and Dude looking like a big baby. They look like happiest and cutest father-son duo ever!

Johnny usually takes photos solo but Dude seems to be the exception.


Credit: Instagram / @johnnykane_official

Another reluctant Dude in a selfie Johnny took. It looks like Johnny had to face Dude in the right position to get the picture, but a little coaxing never hurt the photo shy.

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Here he uses Dude as a pillow and has to pull him in for a kiss and to make sure he’s in the shot.


Credit: Instagram / @johnnykane_official

He also professionally models with pups too! We think this photo is definitely calendar worthy. We give 10 points for the happy pup and another 10 for his shiny muscles.

The shots with Dude are more casual and just for love!


Credit: Instagram / @johnnykane_official

“Ugh, another selfie? Aren’t we going for a run or a work out or something? You just use me for likes!” That’s only half true, Dude!


Credit: Instagram / @johnnykane_official

Sometimes Dude likes the selfies and looks this adorable for them! What’s not to love in this photo? Dude looks like a puppy!


Credit: Instagram / @johnnykane_official

Here’s one magnificent time where Dude got to model with Johnny. He’s more enjoying the sun then the photo shoot, but they still make a great pair.

For more photos, check out Johnny’s Instagram @johnnykane_official.