Imagine If Your Pet Ran Away And Was Adopted By Someone Else

This Owner Experienced Every Pet Owners’ Worst Nightmare

By Erin Kirkpatrick

Credit: CBC

Maverick (Mavi), Lela Harris’ two-year-old German Shepherd-Rottweiler cross, went missing from outside their home on March 24. His family thought he might have been playing in the back field by their house, but when he didn’t come home they started to get worried.

They called to him and left his food out, but there was still no sign of Maverick. Zendaya, Harris’ three-year-old daughter, and Maverick have always shared a special bond.

Every night before bed and any time she found herself outside, Zendaya would call for Maverick to come visit her. They’re the epitome of two peas in a pod. Maverick’s disappearance left Zendaya with a lot of questions and tearful nightmares.

Credit: CBC

While Maverick did have a collar with tags on when he disappeared, he did not have a tattoo or a microchip that could help locate him. Instead of waiting for news, the family drove around tirelessly calling the name of their beloved companion.

Credit: Facebook / Lela Harris

In a last ditch effort, Harris wrote a Facebook post about how much her family missed Maverick. She had no idea that her post would result in the biggest lead in her dog’s disappearance.

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