Imagine If Your Pet Ran Away And Was Adopted By Someone Else

Maverick’s adoption profile on Winnipeg Animal Services’ Facebook page.

Credit: CBC via Facebook / Winnipeg Animal Services

A stranger, who noticed that a dog on the Winnipeg Animal Services website shared an uncanny resemblance to Maverick, commented on Harris’ post. Well, it turns out it WAS Maverick, and he was almost 100 kilometers away. He had been found on April 10th, without any identifiers. Everyone assumed he was a stray.

Credit: CBC

The next day, Harris and Zendaya drove to Animal Services — with Maverick’s food bowl in tow — to be reunited with him.

Sadly, they weren’t able to take Maverick home.

Credit: CBC

Harris instantly knew something was wrong when she went in to pick up Maverick (known as Bogart to Animal Services staff). She was told she’d come too late. Maverick had been adopted one day earlier.

Animal Services’ policy states that dogs are only held for three days before they’re adopted out. Maverick’s new owners were informed of the situation by Animal Services, but they didn’t take any action to return the dog. In an interview with CBC, Harris said, “She hopes the person who adopted Maverick ‘has a heart’ and returns him.”

We promise you’ll like the ending!

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