Meet The Spokeskitties For Adoption, Spaying, And Neutering

Cole and Marmalade also entertain their humans with their silly cat antics

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @coleandmarmalade

The duo is exhausted from advo-CAT-ing adoption! It’s hard to be so handsome and the face of a solution, isn’t it?

Cole and Marmalade are two very busy kitties on the Internet. They have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, AND a website. Their social presences show us the day-to-day lives of these handsome kitties and remind viewers to love their kitties unconditionally. Their most important work is educating current and future pet owners on how they can be part of the solution to the current crisis of pet overpopulation.

The pair have received so much support online for their hard work. These kitties have 1.5 million likes on their Facebook page and over 200,000 followers across their other social media presences. While Cole and Marmalade steal the hearts of Internet users every day, they also educate them about why it’s important to spay and neuter pets, and why adoption is the best option. It’s genius, really.


Credit: Instagram / @coleandmarmalade

This is Cole (1/2 of the duo). He needs a little help smiling in the mornings. It’s a well-known “fact” that smiling muscles need to time wake up, especially if you’re up super early.


Credit: Instagram / @coleandmarmalade

Here we have Cole’s younger brother Marmalade aka Marm. Marm likes to squish into the tiniest spaces for his catnaps. It’s very difficult to resist touching those pink toe beans!

And together with their humans, they’re up to their cat antics – sometimes good, sometimes not so good.


Credit: Instagram / @coleandmarmalade

They trio love to intently watch birds together. Chasing them requires too much effort, but you must ALWAYS observe.

As itsy bitsy kittens, unrolling the fluffy toilet paper from the roll was another favorite form of entertainment for the pair.


Credit: Instagram / @coleandmarmalade

It looks like nothing’s changed. It’s still a source of entertainment! Someone needs to tell pets that toilet paper ain’t cheap! They’re lucky they’re adorable.

In addition to messing with toilet paper, they’re very busy doing other things, like napping.


Credit: Instagram / @coleandmarmalade

When your schedule is booked solid with advocating, bird-watching, and unraveling toilet paper, it’s always a good idea to include a nap somewhere in the mix. The sooner you recharge, the sooner you can get back to business!

We forgot to mention that they also run a kissing both to spread the love! These cats are more productive and more popular than most humans.


Credit: Instagram / @coleandmarmalade

Cole even works part time as an office “supurrvisor.” We hear he’s pretty lenient and asleep 99% of the time.

They can’t be busy all the time.


Credit: Instagram / @coleandmarmalade

When they’re not on the job, they’re taking over the White House! Wouldn’t it be great to have a cat as president for a day? Naps for everyone!


Credit: Instagram / @coleandmarmalade

And of course, like all cats, you must find a box to sit in at least once a day. If you can’t lie in it, that’s fine. If you can sit in it, you’re good to go.


Credit: Instagram / @coleandmarmalade

The other rule of being a cat is to make everything your bed. As you can see, Cole made this sweater his bed. It’s either that or he’s trying to claim it. We think it’s a few sizes too big for him, but we like this color on him!

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