Man And Dog Rescue Each Other And Both Get A Second Chance At Life

Their ironclad relationship inspires and warms even the coldest of hearts!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

P.J. and Clove have a unique relationship. The mystery of who rescued who exists as really, they both rescued each other in very different ways. It’s as if fate put them in each other’s paths to turn their lives around.

When P.J. rescued Clove the American Bully, she was a very shy dog and could not look him in the eye. P.J. wasn’t exactly  sure how to get her to interact with him, so he decided to ask her, “Want to go for a walk?” At that moment, it was away they went and Clove ran free like a puppy outside. The walks continued and they brought Clove a little closer to her new partner, after almost being put down twice.

Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

Nothing stops P.J. from bringing Clove on his adventures through snowy mountains or muddy forests. He makes sure she is comfortable, warm, and safe on any difficult treks.

P.J., a recovering addict, recently celebrated his sixth year sober (congrats, P.J.!) and Clove has been a very positive influence in his life. These adventures and “walks” that the pair goes on let P.J. show Clove a world he’s never seen himself. They’ve built a strong relationship and are basically inseparable; P.J. calls her his best friend.

Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

It’s not uncommon for this duo to drop everything and go on long hikes together. It became a healing process for both of them from the pasts they’ve moved beyond, and has made their partnership stronger.

The treks take a lot of preparation, but at the end of the day it’s all worth it.

Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

P.J. has to make sure that he has all his equipment in tow before they go on their next hike. But he always remembers to bring the most important thing – Clove!

Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

Clove loves the camaraderie and freedom when they go outside and run through vast terrain. According to P.J., she’s become more adventurous as much as she is also more trusting.

Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

They even break rules on these adventures! But it’s okay, Clove would never tell on P.J. for not putting her on a leash because a sign said so. (She can’t read!)

As soon as the day starts, Clove and P.J. are ready!


Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

One of Clove’s siblings may be a little more awake than she is here, but Clove will be up and at ‘em as soon as P.J. asks her if she wants to go for a walk. It’s their most special time together.

Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

These walks aren’t just for exploring, but for the two to bond over silly adventures. There’s always time for a silly selfie!

Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

Both man and dog are equally grateful for each other and the hikes that bring them closer each and every day. You can tell by their photos how much they’ve changed from shelter pup and addict to two healthy, active beings.

There’s enough land for them to have a new adventure every day and that’s just what they’ll be doing.

Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

Clove is all about the sites, but sometimes she’s more interested in the tiny camera P.J. brings. She even gets to wear it sometimes!

Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

P.J. was quoted, saying: “The biggest thing that she’s taught me is to live in the moment. Despite everything that she’s gone through she’s allowed me into her life.”

Credit: Instagram / @thebullhikes

And that’s why this isn’t a one-sided rescue story. Clove equally had a choice to open up to P.J. and she obviously hasn’t regretted it.

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