This Teacup Yorkie Is Tiny Enough To Fit In One Hand

And makes the smallest Yorkie Sandwich ever

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram /  @finn_therapy

We feature big dogs and small dogs and medium dogs to satisfy everyone’s dog needs. So if you’re a tiny and palm-sized dog lover as opposed to the big, cuddly giants / miniature horse sized woofs, then you’ll probably love Finn the teacup Yorkie. He and his big sister Ali the chocolate lab live with their human in sunny San Francisco. Finn’s hobbies include: napping, being held, dressing up, and being a burrito. Yep, you read that right, there’s more than one instance where Finn was literally dressed in bread.

He may be small but he has a big personality

Here’s a less literal version of him accepting his burrito-ness. But isn’t he just so cute?


Credit: Instagram /  @finn_therapy

We weren’t lying when we said he likes to be a burrito. That’s Finn wrapped in dough and has some lettuce coming out of him! He even fits on the plate!

When he’s not wrapped up in something, he’s making friends and helping out.


Credit: Instagram /  @finn_therapy

Here’s Finn next to what looks like a giant cat, but is probably just a regular cat. Finn just makes his surroundings look extra large. He is mini puppy-sized forever.


Credit: Instagram /  @finn_therapy

When you’re baby sized,  why wouldn’t you wear baby bloomers? Little Finn fits perfectly into and looks absolutely adorable in these!


Credit: Instagram /  @finn_therapy

These little swatches are just Finn’s size. Helping out with interior decoration looks tiring, and Finn’s colorblind so we don’t think he can help much. At least he tries!

You can always catch Finn doing silly things.


Credit: Instagram /  @finn_therapy

Instead of being a burrito, here’s Finn as a sandwich this time. A healthy looking one, in fact, because the spreads are organic and all natural and he looks pretty fresh himself! Why dress your tiny Yorkie up as a sandwich? Why not!


Credit: Instagram /  @finn_therapy

Shoe shopping is exhausting for people and pups too! So while his mum shops, she just tucks Finn away on a shelf to rest. The other shoppers might just mistake him for a decorative doll.


Credit: Instagram /  @finn_therapy

Look at this fluffy face his mum gets to wake up to! “Do we really have to get out of bed today? Why don’t we just lie here for a few more minutes?”

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