12 Dogs Who Marched In Solidarity For Women’s Rights

Whether you’re for or against their cause, you have to admit they’re adorable and witty.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Tumblr / @parttimesarah

On January 21st, people all over the world participated in the Women’s March. There were over 400 marches in the U.S. alone and over 650 marches worldwide. These marches were in direct response to President Trump’s inauguration and his overtly anti-women comments – most infamously the conversation where he boasted about how his fame permitted him to “Grab them (women) by the p*ssy” whenever he liked.

The march was the largest single-day organized protest in U.S. history, and it stretched across almost every continent in the world – so it was a pretty big deal.

Abby Bleich

Credit: Facebook / Abby Bleich

During one of their presidential debates, Trump took aim at Hillary Clinton, calling her a “nasty woman.” Women around the world stood in solidarity with Clinton and reclaimed the insult during the Women’s March. Naturally, our canine compatriots joined in and took action!

Jana C. Grözinger

Credit: Facebook / Jana C. Grözinger

It wasn’t just women and their dogs at the march. Men and “Good Boys” also participated to show their support for women’s rights and “nasty women” all over the world.

These marches brought together all kinds of people – cisgender people, transgender people, agender people, and even cats and dogs!

Kate Clough‎

Credit: Facebook / Kate Clough

United in voice, women across the world stood up to President Trump’s sexist comments that had no place and no merit. Just like women declared their pride in being women, this dog wore a sign declaring her “proud bitch” status.


Credit: Tumblr / @lilsplanet

Participants of the Women’s March came together to demand that women be treated with the same respect and regard as their male counterparts. Some protestors were cuter, fluffier, and smaller than others. Some even had four legs!

Mason Endres‎

Credit: Facebook / Mason Endres

The event encouraged individuals of all kinds, across all border, and even from all species to stand together united. We’d all like to believe that gender inequality has been eradicated, but the Women’s March raised awareness that legislation still has a long way to go.

These peaceful protests stood as a reminder that resistance could be possible without violence.


Credit: Tumblr / @minilamb

The march served its purpose to improve an overall respectful existence for women. This protest sent a message towards MAN-made legislation surrounding reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights.


Credit: Tumblr / @partimesarah

The much-needed message of respecting “no” made several appearances at the march. President Trump’s “Grab her by the p*ssy” comment reinforced rape culture by completely disregarding a woman’s right to say no. Doggos sported signs like this to hammer home the fact that even dogs and puppies understand the meaning of no.


Credit: Tumblr / @partimesarah

Same-sex marriage was also a topic of discussion at this historic event. This doggo is reminding everyone that his moms need to be included in legislative decisions, too.

Big dogs and small dogs all had the same loud and clear message to send.

Tanya Kumar‎

Credit: Facebook / Tanya Kumar

They would proudly stand with people who stood beside all women, and they would reject all those who supported Trump’s rhetoric. They would not tolerate derogatory, crude, and mean-spirited comments, like “Grab her by the p*ssy.” This doggo works full-time to protect all p*ssy and doesn’t have time for people who oppress genders.


Credit: Tumblr / @shotsofadrenalinephotography

This tiny pupper is wearing a button bigger than his eyeballs so that everyone can read what he has to say. He wants people to know that equality is important in the healthcare sector. We’re happy to say that he supports a woman’s right to choose what to do with HER body.


Credit: Tumblr / @shotsofadrenalinephotography

If you are going to try to be the POTUS, then you may want to be careful about what you say. The whole world can hear you, and they can and definitely did take your words and wear them.

Next time, think before you speak!