Life of Vi – Downtown Hound

Violet models the season’s latest styles from HOUND Collection.

By Rachel Simpson

HOUND Collection is the preferred brand of fashion influencers everywhere, and our favorite black and white girl, Violet, has been a model and muse for the brand before. This month, to get you feeling the Spring vibes, Vi has showcased her top selections from the new Festival Collection.

Abstract Art:

Tie Dye isn’t just for hippies, you know. Done well, it remains as stylish as it was in the 60s, maybe even more so. No really, it’s true: just look at Violet in this deep tie dye collar and leather from HOUND and tell me she doesn’t look good.

Collar:  The HOUND Collar in Deep Tie Dye Leather

Leash: The HOUND Leash in Deep Tie Dye Leather

Twenty Four Karat:

Gold applied tastefully never goes out of style. And since Violet appreciates staying in style it stands to reason she’d love this knotted HOUND gold leather harness and leash set.

Harness: The Knotted HOUND Harness in Gold on Gold Leather

Leash: The HOUND Leash in Gold on Gold Leather

Rustic Chic:

While fashion trends are constantly changing, it’s nice to find comfort in tradition. That’s why Violet loves HOUND’s festival linen scarf and sunset lambskin collar and leash.

Scarf: The HOUND Scarf in Festival Linen

Collar: The HOUND Collar in Sunset Lambskin Leather

Leash: The HOUND Leash in Sunset Lambskin Leather

Canadian Tuxedo:

How much denim is too much denim? Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears at the Grammy’s? That’s too much. But almost anything short of that is a hit. Which is why Violet looks fantastic in this vintage denim scarf, knotted harness, and leash outfit from HOUND.

Scarf: The HOUND Scarf in Vintage Frayed Denim

Harness: The Knotted HOUND Harness in Vintage Denim

Leash: The HOUND Leash in Vintage Denim

Roses are Red:

Contrast is often used to bring a look to life; a contrast of color, or pattern, even a contrast between the piece and the person – or dog – wearing it. And contrast is why Violet looks so good in Hounds skulls and roses scarf.

Scarf: The HOUND Scarf in Skulls and Roses

Shop the entire HOUND Collection Spring line here.