10 Celebrities Who Are Proud Cat Ladies

These fierce feline owners prove it’s cool to be a cat lady

By Catalina Barrios

Taylor Swift for Diet Coke. Copyright: Coca Cola

Why are cats so cute and adorable? That’s a big question we’ll have to save for another article!

Humans like to get spoiled, and I am sure the same could be said of our feline friends. Don’t you love scrolling through the feeds of your fav celebs, in the hopes of getting a sneak peek into their “everyday” lives, complete with their pet entourage? We’ve done the leg work for you and have found ten female celebrities who are obsessed with their felines! Who exactly are you calling crazy? Cat ladies rock and these women prove it.

Celebrity #6 named one of her cats after one of my favorite shows. Can you guess what it could be? I will give you a clue. There are doctors in the show.

1. Miley Cyrus


Credit: Instagram / @mileycyrus

How many of you still remember her as Hannah Montana? Time flies… Even though she is a favorite in celebrity magazines, she can also be seen with her loveable friends. Here she is getting kisses from her rescue cat Kiki.

2. Kesha


Credit: Instagram / @iiswhoiis

The rapper loves cats so much that she even said she would love to start a “cat cult.” I can’t even imagine what that would look like. She fully admits she is a crazy cat lady.

3. Lea Michele


Credit: Instagram / @leamichele

What an adorable pair! In 2012, the Glee actress and singer found her cat Sheila in a parking lot. Since then, they have been inseparable.

4. Mandy Moore


Credit: Instagram / @mandymooremm

The actress and her ex Ryan Adams had six cats and two dogs. When they were getting divorced, after six years of marriage, the actress filed for spousal support to help cover the cost of pet care. For many years, she has worked with Purina Cat Chow to raise money for cat shelters.

5. Katy Perry


Credit: Instagram / @katyperry

The world famous musician can’t imagine her life without Kitty Purry. What a creative name! Her cat was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for “Best Celebrity Feline.” She even calls her fans her “Kitty Kats.” She’s a cat lover all around!

6. Taylor Swift


Credit: Instagram / @taylorswift

The famous singer enjoys spending time with her two feline babies — Doctor Meredith Grey, named after Grey’s Anatomy’s main character, and Detective Olivia Benson. She named the second cat after Mariska Hargitay’s character on Law & Order: SVU.

7. Paris Hilton


Credit: Instagram / @hiltonpets

The socialite and hotel heiress loves pets. She has over 10 pets, including a mini pony, bunnies, and cats and dogs.

8. Halle Berry


Credit: Instagram / @halleberry

The famous and unforgettable Catwoman enjoys cuddling with her cat. Berry’s daughter Nahla also enjoys cuddling and spending time with the family feline!

9. Ellen DeGeneres


Credit: Instagram / @portiaderossi

The funny daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres loves her fur family that includes three kitties whose names are Charlie, George, and Chairman. They love to nap on Ellen and Portia whenever they can.

10. Gigi Hadid

Credit: Instagram / @gigihadid

The American fashion model adopted this little bundle two years ago. Gigi’s Insta post introducing her new fur baby to the world read,”Last week she was found in a car engine, and today I adopted her. Meet Cleo.” A tragic beginning followed by a fairy tale forever home!

We hope you enjoyed this list of celebrity powerhouses and their feline friends! Now, who do you think has the cutest kitty cat?!