Lucy Is The Most Spoiled And Loved Boxer Ever!

She’s held so much that her paws rarely touch the ground.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @iamlucytheboxer

Lucy is daddy’s little girl because #1. he is the strongest human in the family and #2. he is the only one capable of holding Lucy’s solid build. As a thank you for holding and carrying her around, Lucy showers her poppa bear with lots of kisses. Who cares about doggy breath?

Everyone knows that spoiling your children can have negative effects on their attitudes, but does the same thing happen when you spoil your dog?

Well, this four-year-old Boxer doesn’t display any rambunctious, ill-tempered behavior from being coddled 24/7. Instead, she’s full of love and gratitude for her close-knit family. While she does live with four humans, she’s laid claim to every room, bed, and cushion in the house.

She’s got the whole bunch under her paw.


Credit: Instagram / @iamlucytheboxer

Let’s meet the happy family! Lucy has a sister, a brother, a mom, and a dad. In this picture, she looks like she’s counting down the minutes until she can get back to cuddle time.


Credit: Instagram / @iamlucytheboxer

She gets attention from everyone! From time to time, mum participates in cuddle sessions with Lucy so dad can rest his arms.

The best part of Lucy’s day is cooking with her dad!


Credit: Instagram / @iamlucytheboxer

Would it surprise you to learn that in this photo Lucy’s dad is making her some treats? We’re not that surprised because she’s so deliciously spoiled with love…and peanut butter. This cooking situation is ideal because dad gets some company and Lucy gets to taste test her treats. “More peanut butter, dad!”


Credit: Instagram / @iamlucytheboxer

Lucy always plays the babe in arms while her dad prepares ingredients and cooks. She’s a pretty large, muscular dog, but her dad holds her as if she’s as light as a feather. After years of practice, they’ve perfected the foolproof cooking-cuddling position.


Credit: Instagram / @iamlucytheboxer

It definitely helps that her dad is able to do everything with one hand, but he better keep his eyes peeled. Lucy’s paw is getting dangerously close to that dough. She just wants to eat it…I mean, knead it. Props to her for practicing some next-level willpower around the open, within-reach ingredients.

Lucy is absolutely adored and doted on by her loving family.


Credit: Instagram / @iamlucytheboxer

Here she is “sharing” a fireside marshmallow with her dad. We wonder who won that Lady and the Tramp-style battle. Our money is on Lucy.


Credit: Instagram / @iamlucytheboxer

She even has bubble baths with her older but smaller brother! By the look of it, Lucy would like 10 times more bubbles!


Credit: Instagram / @iamlucytheboxer

Her dad loves her so much that he’ll even hold her while wading in the water, since she’s not a water dog.

To see more of Lucy and her family, follow her on Instagram @iamlucytheboxer.