There’s Something Special About Daisy Other Than Her Underbite

You gotta admit that her underbite is pretty awesome.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @underbiteunite

This Cali girl likes to show off her ferocious bite. If you’re not impressed with her fangs, you will be once you hear her story.

Like many rescue dogs, Daisy had a bad beginning. Animal control found her abandoned on the streets when she was just two months old. After two months in the shelter, Daisy was scheduled to be euthanized. Fortunately, a volunteer from A Home 4Ever Rescue saved her. Not long after, someone adopted and made Daisy a part of the family.

Daisy’s bad luck extended far past being abandoned. She also had a multitude of health problems. Daisy was born with her elbows, right shoulder, and back hips dislocated. To help her walk on her own and prevent unnecessary stress on her spine, Daisy sported a set of wheels; however, her family quickly learned that the wheels meant to help her were actually having a negative impact on her body. So, her humans did some research and found prosthetics for her legs. She’s been using them since 2015!


Credit: Instagram / @underbiteunite

Seven-year-old Daisy still enjoys going on walks with her humans and other doggy friends! She doesn’t consider herself different, and nobody sees her as different. Nothing is stopping her!


Credit: Instagram /  @underbiteunite

We’re so happy Daisy was rescued! Otherwise, we might not have been blessed with the sight of her beautiful smile. Hopefully it’s not a mischievous smile – maybe she left a surprise for her human.

Daisy can always be seen sporting her adorable smile and high-tech prosthetics.


Credit: Instagram / @underbiteunite

She even has a stuffed version of herself, complete with plush prosthetics. She’s out there representing dogs with special needs!


Credit: Instagram / @underbiteunite

This happy mystery-breed dog is also a registered therapy dog. Maybe seeing a dog who can overcome so many obstacles she’s had since birth will give humans hope!


Credit: Instagram /  @underbiteunite

Daisy is special in so many ways, even the prints she leaves behind are unique to her! People might wonder what kind of tiny creature pranced around their neighborhood.

She’s all about running free and spreading her joy.

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Just watch her make her way to the camera!


Credit: Instagram / @underbiteunite

Daisy doesn’t always wear her prosthetics. If she’s just sunbathing with her awesome shades, then she doesn’t need them!


Credit: Instagram / @underbiteunite

If she’s really lucky, she gets pulled in her wagon with her friend Pixie, another special doggy! What special girls.

To follow Daisy, check out her Instagram @underbiteunite!