Bella The Tiny Dog Rides Hank Around The Entire House

When you have a big BFF, the best way to stick together is to be on top of each other!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Twitter / @BurkhartAdriana

Meet Bella. Bella is a two-year-old doggy who can conveniently be held in one arm. She’s feisty and loves to discover new things, but unfortunately, she’s too little to see what she wants. Her solution? Her 10-year-old Golden Retriever brother Hank gives her a ride wherever and whenever she wants. Whether she’s begging for treats or taking a nap, she’s on top of Hank. He plays with her as long as he can, but he needs a lot of breaks. That’s no problem for Bella! She just hangs on top of him until he’s ready.


Credit: Twitter / @BurkhartAdriana

Recently, a photoset of Bella and Hank went viral. And that’s because Bella climbs Hank and goes to the top of his head to beg for treats.


Credit: Twitter / @BurkhartAdriana

Hank doesn’t really seem to mind, since he delivered her, but Bella steps so far on his head that he has to keep his eyes closed! He puts up with it because he’ll probably get some treats, too.

Even though Bella and Hank live separately, nothing can dampen their relationship!


Credit: Twitter / @BurkhartAdriana

Bella looking super excited to hopefully see Hank again! Apparently, whenever they reunite, they run to each other and go crazy.


Credit: Twitter / @BurkhartAdriana

When Bella lies on Hank, it’s as if Bella and Hank are two parts of one body. Right now, it’s break time for the both of them. They’ve strategically coordinated their cuddling, so they can keep each other warm during naps!


Credit: Twitter / @BurkhartAdriana

Hank and the other doggos are waiting eagerly for something exciting to come by the window – will it be birds? Mailman? Squirrels?

Sometimes, the other dogs get jealous of Hank and Bella’s relationship.


Credit: Twitter / @BurkhartAdriana

Frank the Pug wants to sit on Hank, too, but he’s too old and big for that. Here he is yearning to be a part of the crew.


Credit: Twitter / @BurkhartAdriana

Whenever a curious noise comes about, Bella and Hank must investigate. And here they are discovering that it’s just Bella’s mum.


Credit: Twitter / @BurkhartAdriana

When you’re a tiny dog but think you’re as big as a lion, you must find someone to help you on your adventures. Bella has Hank, and they love each other so much!

For more photos, check out Bella’s mom’s Twitter @BurkhartAdriana.