This Crested And “Pibble” Trio Have A Severe Case Of Mom-Itis!

These unlikely doggy siblings are definitely aww-worthy!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @2cresteds_and_a_pibble

It’s obvious Nacho, Punky, (two gorgeous Chinese Crested) and Tyson (a playful “Pibble” – an affectionate term for Pit Bull) love their mom so much, and she loves them just as much! She even got this personalized coat hanger with their faces on it! Nacho and Punky were the original pets of the house, but they welcomed Tyson into their crew in 2014. Now, they do everything together.

Mom loves making the trio model! Any occasion is a good occasion to dress up and pose for the camera. They may not be fluffy like a Corgi, but they’re definitely adorable.


Credit: Instagram / @2cresteds_and_a_pibble

Nacho and Punky are Tyson’s security guards while he’s napping. If they’re not napping on him in little balls, they’re keeping watching for anyone who’s trying to disturb him. He’s the baby of the family and needs his rest!


Credit: Instagram / @2cresteds_and_a_pibble

We weren’t kidding when we said that their mom loves to dress them up! This adorable photo was taken Easter 2016. Punky joined their Easter Bunny in the basket, while the other two looked for eggs!

Let’s get to know them a little better.


Credit: Instagram / @2cresteds_and_a_pibble

Punky is the OG of the family and the only girl! She’s 11 years old and has no teeth. She may be the oldest, but she’s the smallest and gets all the perks of being little. One of them is being held more, since she practically weighs nothing.


Credit: Instagram / @2cresteds_and_a_pibble

Nacho is a little fluffier than the other two with his big furry ears. He’s 10 years old and very little. Don’t let his size distract you from his big personality!


Credit: Instagram / @2cresteds_and_a_pibble

And finally, Tyson! He was surrendered to the same shelter twice. When his mom saw a photo of him, she convinced her husband to let her adopt him. Soon after Tyson got to his new home, his mom noticed he wasn’t very happy. He had an eye/ear infection, a severe respiratory infection, and a half-broken tooth, from a suspected kick to the face. After his mom got all that fixed, he was as happy as a clam and loved his little dog siblings. Oh, he’s also a professional model. He will smile really big whenever you tell him you’re taking a photo! CHEESE!

All three dogs are definite momma lovers.


Credit: Instagram / @2cresteds_and_a_pibble

She can’t go anywhere without having a search party on her heels. There are no exceptions, even when she’s going to the washroom or changing. Wherever she is, they’re there.


Credit: Instagram / @2cresteds_and_a_pibble

But that’s fine with mom because any time is a good time to cuddle with her fur babies! That’s why we have two arms, right?


Credit: Instagram / @2cresteds_and_a_pibble

And if they’re not looking for her, she’s looking for them. Her husband even found her taking a nap in the dog room! So much love!

For more photos, check out their Instagram @2cresteds_and_a_pibble!