We’ve Actually Created An Entire Language Devoted To Dogs

It’s time to learn about and expand your doggo vocabulary.

By Erin Kirkpatrick

Would it surprise you to learn that there’s an entire language devoted to dogs?

Watch out, Merriam-Webster! We’ve got some new additions for you.

Yup. We’ve traded in the term “dog” for cuter, more interesting alternatives. We’ve even gone so far as to name their actions (i.e. sticking their tongues out and licking their lips). Say hello to doggos, woofers, corgos, puppers, mlems, blops, and bleps!

This language, known as “DoggoLingo” or “doggo-speak,” has gained some serious attention online and in real life. You’ve likely crossed paths with it when perusing the Internet for your daily fix of cats and dogs. Look closely at the captions attached to those pictures or videos you watch (while you’re supposed to be working) and you’ll see doggo-speak! In contrast to memes where animals are doing the talking themselves, DoggoLingo is all about how humans talk about animals. Some of the terms can also be applied to cats!

I think it would be extremely helpful to give you (and me, let’s be honest), a crash course in this pet-centric vernacular, don’t you? We’ve picked out some of our favs.

Prepare to be educated.


The “blep” occurs when a pet shows the tiniest amount of tongue. We’re pretty sure that cats partake in this peek-a-boo tongue display to get the attention of humans. It looks like it’s up to humans to start ignoring cats. Yeah, like that will ever happen.

Credit: reddit / @Bartolomez


Hello, tired dog. Have you ever been so tired that a portion of your tongue hung out of your mouth? Well, that’s what a “blop” is. Some dogs really need their 20+ hours of sleep to function.

Credit: reddit /@chopandscrew

This language has flourished thanks to characters like doge and Tuna as well as online presences like Facebook’s Dogspotting (thought to be where “doggo” started).

Credit: YouTube / Behind The Meme

We also have to give humanity a pat on the back for integrating this terminology into their everyday lives and social posts. Odds are, you’ve heard or read at least one cutesy doggo-centic words this week. You’re reading this, aren’t you?

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