Your Designer Dog Could Be A Fraud

These breed baffles happen a lot more than we think.

Credit: YouTube / Inside Edition

Cliff Mintz is another owner who was deceived until DNA sorted things out. Mintz wanted to learn more about his purebred Havanese named Moose. Mintz soon learned that his dog, purchased from a New Jersey breeder, was actually part Shih Tzu, part Havanese.

Credit: YouTube / Inside Edition

Mintz and Von Saspe both paid top-dollar for purebred dogs only to find out that they’d been had. The good news was that this had no impact on the pet owners’ love for their precious pets. The bad news was they were taken advantage of.

How can owners protect themselves from cases of mistaken dog identity? It’s a complicated battle as even organizations charged to surveil the DNA domains aren’t helping the situation. The Kennel Club registers over 200,000 “pedigree dogs” every year, and it costs ~$20 to register a litter. After the money has changed hands, you have “accredited ‘proof’ that the dog or litter is from the same bloodline as the other animals on the pedigree.”

Credit: The Winston Blog

False registrations and the sale of dogs with false pedigrees have been documented, but the only thing the Kennel Club can do is ban or cancel memberships. Unfortunately, no preventive measures are being taken.

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