Dog Moms, Are You Celebrating Mother’s Day?

Other than the birthing part, they’re essentially the same, right?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @thepassportpuppy

Mother’s Day is coming up, and families are all ready to celebrate in their own way. It wouldn’t be a surprise if school kids brought some kind of flower-related DIY gifts home for their mothers and other special individuals in their lives. But what about dog moms? They do the same things with their pups that moms do with their human babies, minus the birthing and nursing part. No matter what DNA or biology says, they are moms, too!

So, dog moms, are you and your fur baby doing anything special for Mother’s Day?


Credit: Instagram / @thebirdboys_gsp

Some dog moms know the exact breed they’re going to have before the puppies are even born! They can hardly wait until their puppy is weaned off their dog mommy and ready to be taken home. Just like human parents, pet parents tend to their puppy’s every need, making sure they’re fed, comfortable, and ridiculously loved!


Credit: Instagram / @mollythenewfie

A puppy picture posting frenzy! Like human moms and their new bundles, dog mommas take photos, photos, and even more photos of their pups to post on every social media platform you can think of. You bet that Facebook is flooded with puppy photos! And if your profile picture or cover photo isn’t of your puppy, do you even have a dog?

Like any human moms, doggy moms are always hugging their fur babies!


Credit: Instagram / @raviolicannoli

This Retriever likes to remind his mom that he will always be her first baby and will always deserve a spot on her lap for cuddles. Without a doubt, mom hugs are the best hugs!

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Nothing is better than waking up next to your fluffy baby. You roll over, give them a hug and a kiss, and they’re just so cuddly!


Credit: Instagram / @los3husketeers

Speaking of sleeping with your furry one, imagine sharing a bed with more than one fur baby and your partner. The sleeping arrangement would be cozy, but we’re pretty sure only the dogs would be comfortable. The things you do for your babies!

Dog moms dress up their babies, bring them on playdates, and have all kinds of photo shoots with them.


Credit: Instagram / @dazeofdukeandsully

Dog moms give all their love to their fur babies, big and small. And there’s obviously no favoritism when they have more than one! Kisses for all!


Credit: Instagram / @phoebe.the.bully

Dog moms are embarrassing, too! This dog mommy was way too excited for Phoebe’s bath time! Phoebe didn’t know what her mom was so happy about. The bath was an awful experience.


Credit: Instagram / @poysuse

Even as they get bigger, doggy moms will love and cradle them as long as they can! No matter how wriggly they get, moms will always get their cuddles.

Dog moms and human moms should unite and have the best kind of party on Mother’s Day!


Credit: Instagram / @deafdal

When you care for a (fur and human) baby, it sure takes a lot out of you, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day. You love them so much and would do anything for them!

It doesn’t matter if you’re holding a fur baby or a human baby. If you love another being so much, you’re a mom no matter what!


Credit: Instagram / @shandandherdogs

Whether you have a human baby, a fur baby, or both, you deserve all the love, cards, and appreciation on Mother’s Day! You go, moms!