Katy Perry’s Pooch Makes Her Commercial Debut!

Nugget Perry stars in the hilariously honest Citi Double Cash card campaign.

By Erin Kirkpatrick

It was only a matter time before Katy Perry’s glamorous Teacup Poodle pawed her way into the limelight. Well, it has finally happened. Nugget Perry is starring in her first national advertising campaign! In a statement to the press, Nugget Perry said, “I’ve traveled from stage to stage with Katy but it’s time to take my solo career to the next level and ride my own wagging tail. I’m as happy as a hound dog chasing a gut truck to be launching this new campaign with Citi.”  

Congratulations, Nugget!

Here she is in the director’s chair getting the job done! Like a good girl, she’s also helping promote her mom’s clothing line! It’s great to see that Nugget is being mature about her debut, saying, “It finally puts me on the pedestal on which I belong and leaves my sister friend Butters in the dust.”Apparently, they’re in friendly competition.

One of the two comedic commercials, for Citi’s Double Cash card, shows Nugget being fawned over by her dog momma Katy Perry while Katy’s assistant desperately tries to get her attention. Perry is devoting 100 percent of her attention to Nugget, but is there anything wrong with that?

Nugget seems to be enjoying the spotlight and the star treatment, especially from Katy!

The spot brings to attention the difference in what people say and what they actually mean, to highlight the Double Cash card’s transparent rewards program –1% unlimited cash back on purchases and an additional 1% as you pay for those purchases. Viewers watch as Perry and her assistant have a brutally honest exchange of words.

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