A Kindhearted Vet Serenades A Dog’s Blues Away Before Surgery

Dr. Ross Henderson prescribed a private concert for Ruby the dog.

By Erin Kirkpatrick

Credit: Facebook / Fox Hollow Animal Hospital 

As much as hospitals help people and pets, many would prefer to avoid them. They’re overwhelming.

Mixing one part unfamiliar noises + one part weird smells + one part unsettling sights + already not feeling welling = unsettled nerves and anxiety. That anxiety and nervousness is amplified in dogs, as opposed to humans, as they may not fully understand why they are there.

Credit: 9News

Ruby the Golden Retriever was staying at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital for a routine surgery when she came down with a case of pre-op blues and nervousness. Luckily, Dr. Ross Henderson, an attentive veterinarian at the Fox Hollow Animal Hospital in Lakewood, Colorado, was there to ease his patient’s mind in the most heartfelt way — through song. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a babe, too.

Credit: 9News

On April 27th, Dr. Henderson was recorded crooning while Ruby cozied up in his lap. The video, which was shared on the Fox Hollow Animal Facebook page, has blow up online, with over 660,000 views, 8,400 likes, and 1,100 comments.

For the past few months, Dr. Henderson has been singing for four-legged residents and two-legged staff at Fox Hollow Animal Hospital, but this time there was video evidence.

We’re very thankful that Dr. Henderson’s colleague Darcy Holloway pulled out her phone to capture the heartwarming moment. You’re probably asking yourself, “What did Dr. Henderson sing to six-month-old Ruby?” He chose a classic tune in Elvis Presley’s “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” No wonder the Golden was lulled into relaxation when Henderson sung a few verses.

We should mention we’re also falling in love with Ruby and Dr. Henderson.

Credit: Facebook / Fox Hollow Animal Hospital 

In an interview with ABC News, Henderson, said, “Dogs spend 99 percent of their time at home and when they come into the hospital, we try to give them as pleasant an experience as possible. I think that’s why attention and music, those two piece together causes a little bit of familiarity to them. It’s the best part when they start to settle down.”

Credit: Facebook / Fox Hollow Animal Hospital 

While Dr. Henderson isn’t certain whether it’s the one-on-one attention, the singing, or both, the dogs seem soothed and calmed by it. So, Dr. Henderson and the rest of the Fox Hollow Animal Hospital staff have no plans to stop making music.

The hospital plans on posting more videos in the future because of the overwhelming positive feedback and attention on the first video!

Credit: Facebook / Fox Hollow Animal Hospital 

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited for the upcoming videos. I mean, c’mon. The handsome Dr. Henderson serenading adorable animals = a recipe for melted hearts. Here he is holding a little pooch, and I’m almost in tears because of how cozy they look together.

Credit: Facebook / Fox Hollow Animal Hospital 

It can be hard to get work done with large doggos that think they’re lap dogs. It looks Dr. Henderson is making it work and the dog is getting some much-needed attention. It’s awesome to see a hospital and its staff so devoted to going the extra mile for their patients.

Surgery, procedures, and a night away from home can be scary, but it’s definitely less daunting when someone is serenading your stresses away! Who are you gonna call? Dr. Henderson!

Now, it’s time to watch that video!