Dog Rescued From A Meat Farm Becomes Momma Hen To A Baby Chicken

Minnow the dog has taken Chickpea the chick under her tail.

By Erin Kirkpatrick

Credit: Abbie Hubbard

This is the story of Minnow the dog and Chickpea the baby chicken. The best place to start a story is at the beginning, so that’s exactly where we’re going to go. Let’s start with Minnow!

Credit: Chelsea Lindsey

In January 2016, Minnow arrived at Animal Welfare League of Alexandria in Virginia, after being rescued from a dog meat farm in Seoul, South Korea. Minnow was one of 23 dogs placed in the shelter by Humane Society International for treatment and adoption. As soon as the League’s Deputy Director Abbie Hubbard laid eyes on her, Minnow knew she wouldn’t be staying in the shelter any longer! “She was mine from the moment she arrived,” Hubbard told Get Leashed Magazine.

Credit: Shelley Castle

Hubbard adopted Minnow, and the pair were legitimately inseparable.”We could be physically connected, and I’d be fine with that,” Hubbard said. Whether at work or at home, Minnow could always be found by her side, and Hubbard wouldn’t have it any other way. The rescue pooch has also taken a liking to her mother’s work with shelter animals. Hubbard explains that sweet, docile Minnow has been playing the mother hen to whoever they bring home and any animals that have stayed at the shelter. This brings us to Chickpea!

Hubbard met Chickpea when he/she* was only a few days old.

Credit: Abbie Hubbard

Two weeks ago, animal control was called to collect an itsy-bitsy baby chicken who was found aimlessly wandering around the area. Staff at the League knew that Hubbard loved chickens, so they paid a visit to her office with the chick in tow, and the rest is history. Chickpea has now been with Minnow and Abbie as a foster for about three weeks! *The fluffy bundle’s gender is still unknown, as it is too young to be 100 percent accurate.

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