German Shepherd Puppy Is Thrilled Every Time He’s Reunited With His Military Dad

It’s always an emotional reunion when your human returns home!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @georgethegsd11

George the GSD (German Shepherd Dog) is the adorable puppy of a newlywed couple. He keeps them busy, and he grows more and more each day!

George loves a lot of things – at the top of his list are toes, digging holes, running, his country, and his humans! Shortly after welcoming George into the family, his humans got married. Congratulations to them on their marriage and their beautiful puppy! All kinds of love surround George and his family. Born* and living in Tucson, Arizona, this little bunny look-alike loves the sun and running outside. But what George loves running to most are his humans, especially his dad, since he can be gone for weeks at a time working for the United States Armed Forces.

*The patriotic pup was born on Veteran’s Day!

When George was an itsy-bitsy pup, he refused to leave his dad alone when he returned home from week-long trips away. You can see from the wiggles and the whines, George was over-the-moon happy to be reunited with his poppa bear. Things haven’t changed as he’s gotten older …

Fast forward to four-month-old George and you’ll see that his excitement about having dad back home hasn’t wavered one little bit. This video, posted in March 2017, went viral, and news stations were just begging for the video’s rights.

We don’t think George needs all the fuss of the viral video life. He’s happy just as he is.


Credit: Instagram / @georgethegsd11

In the blink of an eye, playtime can turn into naptime. For a very brief moment in puppyhood, George was the exact same size as his stuffy playmate. He’s definitely a lot bigger than his toy now! German Shepherds get so long so fast.


Credit: Instagram / @georgethegsd11

George as a tiny pupper with his beautiful paw-rents. The lucky boy got to experience the wonders of snow right away! What a gorgeous family photo.


Credit: Instagram / @georgethegsd11

And just a few weeks later, George’s ears perked up and he wasn’t handheld anymore. Shoutout to his humongous paws. Now, he can bound the length of his backyard in no time!

And that’s exactly what he does – all of his puppy energy goes into running and biting!


Credit: Instagram / @georgethegsd11

We definitely think he’s part bunny — his adorable face and perky ears are a dead giveaway. And all he does is hop, hop, hop about!


Credit: Instagram / @georgethegsd11

“This stick isn’t for you, Ma! I found it and I claimed it. There is no other stick like this one!” Unfortunately, the poor puppy is teething.


Credit: Instagram / @georgethegsd11

But nothing stops this puppy from having a good time. Smiles, smiles, and more smiles!

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