Puck The Samoyed Never Misses An Opportunity To Smile At The Camera

He’s just so doggone sweet and adorable! You’ll want to meet him.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

Good luck trying to resist this Samoyed and his cuddly sock monkey! Who wouldn’t want to be friends with this happy Samoyed? He looks like he could take away all your worries.

Story time! I live north of Toronto in the suburban world, where young families go on walks. My room is right at the front of the house, and I hear the cars go by, the students walking, and of course, the dogs on their walks. One time, I came back home and was blessed with the sight of a one-year-old Samoyed walking past my house. I practically jumped out of the car just to ask to pet him. Ever since then, I wait to see him pass by again just so I can pet his fluffiness.

Good news! I have found another Samoyed I desperately want to be friends with. His name is Puck! Puck is like every other Samoyed, a polar bear who just loves playing and cuddling. He has a husky sister who doesn’t share the natural excited face he does, but it all balances out. Puck and his sister live in Toronto, and I just want to meet them so bad! Puck, if you ever see this, hit me up!


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

Here we see Puck’s overly excited face balanced with his sister’s not-so-exhilarated face. We think she’s excited on the inside, but it doesn’t matter, Puck shows it for the both of them!


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

Family summers featuring camping trips at Algonquin Park. The polar bear and the wolf can finally roam free! Puck usually turns from a fluffy white cloud to a dark, rainy cloud because of the mud.

Puck’s personality shines through every photo he’s in. Sometimes, he even looks like he’s trying to steal the spotlight.


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

Look how happy he is about turning three! Who wants to bet he ate most of that himself before even thinking about sharing with his sister?


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

A photo with his sisters in the snow! The silly Samoyed is trying to get closer to the camera. We get it – you’re cute!


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

How could you not be the star of the show with a happy face like that? He looks like his snowman stuffy! Ugh, too cute.

Even though he behaves well in the house, Puck loves being outside, enjoying the sunshine and squirrels.


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

Puck on Halloween trying to be a skunk. He has way too much of that white fur to be successful, but he gets 10 points for trying!


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

And like every Torontonian, he’s a huge supporter of the Toronto Blue Jays! He’d be the best, fluffiest cheerleader at the ballgame.


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

Puck even visits the Scarborough Bluffs with his family when they can! He’s sitting so close to the edge it’s even making us a little nervous.

Puck loves being close to anyone – that definitely includes his family!


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

Mornings usually look like this in his household. He gets to be the little spoon most of the time, since he’s practically a body pillow.

He just wants to play with Izzy! She’s not having it right now, though.


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

And if he’s not waking up with his mum, he’s waking up with his little sister. Good thing she has such a big bed and she’s little, or else they might not all fit!

When he’s not inside trying to get everyone to pet or play with him, he’s outside on some sort of adventure.


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

Except even that gets exhausting. It’s okay Puck! You don’t have to be at 100% all the time. It’s good to take (nap) breaks.


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

Canada Day is best spent with family. Here they are repping our flag and colors! Puck’s tail is even tinted red!


Credit: Instagram / @samoyedpuck

And being a part of the Toronto dog community, Puck and his sister go to Woofstock! It’s like dog heaven at Woodbine Park.

How could you not want to be friends with Puck??? Until we become friends IRL, we’ve got his Instagram to follow @samoyedpuck.