Toby The Maltese Is The Cutest Little Hipster

He takes the 3D glasses trend to a whole new level.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

Toby has the wardrobe of a 26-year-old hipster. He’s got the fedora, the aesthetic, non-prescription glasses, bow ties of all different patterns, and of course, enough dress shirts and cardigans to last him all year. He calls Vancouver, Canada, where all the cutest hipsters live, his home. He spends his days taking cute photos in his outfits, walking in Stanley Park and Granville Island, and hanging out with his fur friends!


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

His little wink and glasses make this photo a masterpiece. Better yet, Toby’s little dumpling friend decided to wink at the camera, too. They’re both cute enough to eat! Sorry, dumpling …


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

But sometimes, he gets a little bored of all the photo shoots. He already knows he’s adorable AND cool! Check out that bow tie, though.

But with 146,000 followers, you need all the photos to appease them!


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

How could you not love this cutie and his hedgehog? This photo has all the earmarks of a hipster, too – cute fedora, aesthetic glasses, fun-patterned dress shirt, and an unconventional hedgehog.


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

He also doesn’t look directly at the camera because that’s way too mainstream. You’ve got to look away, since you’re looking for the real meaning of life.


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

This little cutie is 11 years old! He may be 11, but he’s working it like he’s still a playful puppy. More importantly, do you think he could really eat that whole chicken?

Don’t let his age fool you! He works hard and plays hard.


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

When he’s not posing for his photos, he’s working hard on his social media accounts. When you have so many followers, you’ve got to keep it up!

Because I'm happy 😆🎶🎵

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Just look at Tobes frolicking in his little minion costume!


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

His watermelon bow tie has got us shook. I doubt human hipsters could pull that accessory off, but Toby is casually rocking it. He’s been chosen by the fashion deities!

Sometimes, he pulls back the staple “hipster” look and showcases a more relaxed “mainstream” look.


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

Like this! He traded his dress shirt and glasses for his black and white Converse shoes and a leather jacket. Instead of his classic bow tie, he’s got an actual tie!

Girl, I may be Batman but you're Robin my heart.

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Other times, he likes sporting his superhero costumes because they have more give than his dress shirts. He definitely looks less serious in this getup.


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

You can even have your own hipster Toby ft. his hedgehog! You can cuddle him and admire his adorable outfit.

He’s the perfect mix of comfort, hipster, and adorable!


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

On chiller days, he’s got his fluffy hat to match with his fluffy coat. You wouldn’t dare forget his star-patterned long sleeve shirt. It’s a signature piece!


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

When he’s tired of maintaining his signature look, he lounges in his many cute costumes. Don’t you wish he’d run up to you as Mickey Mouse?


Credit: Instagram / @toby_littledude

We cannot get over his little bomber jacket! Just look how small it is. He even has a stylin’ timepiece. Ah, he’s so cute.

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