Ammo The Dalmatian Loves To Cuddle!

In addition to his humans, Ammo loves to cuddle with all his fur siblings.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

In Ammo’s house, if the animals aren’t running about and playing, or sneaking some snacks, they’re all cuddling with one another.

Once upon a time, Ammo the Dalmatian was the only puppy at home. A few months later, his brother Ruger came home! Being only one month apart in age, they were instant best friends. Puppies need a whole lot of sleep, and these two fell asleep where they stood – usually together. Their spots acted like camouflage – where does Ammo end and Ruger start?!

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Before Ruger came home, Ammo would try with all his might to cuddle with his cat brother Tiggy! Who said there wasn’t room for the both of them?


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

The real OG dog sibling in the house is Bonsai the Shar Pei. The original momma’s boy turned two this year – Happy Belated Birthday. He is silky and wrinkly, and usually naps on his own because he takes up more space!


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

Last but not least, we have their kitty sibling Whisky. She’s the only girl of the house and thinks she’s a doggy. She naps on the doggy bed with the Dalmatians, and apparently, she was once much bigger than Ammo!

When the Dalmatians aren’t sleeping or cuddling, they’re out and about exploring Alberta!


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

They absolutely love it! All the mountains, frozen rivers, and snow they could ask for. They almost blend in with the cool tones of winter, and it’s just so much more satisfying finding sticks when you really have to work for them!


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

The dogs of the pack all explore together. We think they were trying to pose for an awesome shot by the mountains, but we also sense some leash tangling occurred.


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

“Come on, Mom! We’re in the car and ready to go, go, go! Where are we running today?” Don’t these boys know that all their mom wanted was a Tongue-Out-Tuesday picture?


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

Sometimes, these boys don’t have much of a choice and are stuck together by this double leash. It doesn’t really make much of a difference, considering that they’d stick together with or without the lease.

Ammo is a pro sleeper and it shows in the photos.


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

Ever since he was a teeny puppy, he snuggled in his bed with his toys. He was just eight weeks old when this picture was taken. His owner shared this as a #TBT post because he’s definitely grown a lot since then!


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

No one can sleep gracefully all the time, and as you can see from the above picture, Ammo knows it. Sometimes, you sleep the best when your mouth is open and you’re using your sibling as a pillow.


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

Ammo and Ruger nap together so much that Ammo knows when his parents sneak pictures of them. “Really? You have so many of the same picture already!”


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

Other times, Ammo has to sleep right on top of his brother. You know, to make sure he’s alive! It’s a win-win because Ruger is alive and Ammo is comfortable.

What are brothers for, anyway?


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

When Ammo’s parents said that he was getting a treat, he didn’t know it was a brother. He thought he should still try to eat him.


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

Ruger may be the little brother, but he is a bit bigger than Ammo! But that’s okay! There’s no point in bringing it up because they love each other no matter what.


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

The inseparable Dalmatians are always down for snuggling and watching Netflix! As long as there’s something to chew on and no one moves, everyone’s good!


Credit: Instagram / @roundofammoandco

Ammo’s family is so big that he has multiple cuddle options! The affectionate Dalmatian is all about his family, his cuddles, and being comfortable. We second every one of his interests!

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