This Scottish Fold Is Having A Serious Existential Crisis

We think Mini Song is a little overdramatic.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

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Mini Song is an orb of unparalleled cuteness. She’s got big expressive eyes, a rotund body, and an affinity for staring off into space. She’s a bit dramatic, but we’ll look past it! Ha!

We love Scottish Fold kitties because of their stubby legs and round faces, and Mini Song is absolutely no exception! In addition to lying around and staring off into space, she also likes chasing invisible things. They might be real, but we can’t always see them.

We think you’ll find Mini Song just as cute as we do, so check out her Instagram photos!

“There’s something on me and I can’t see it and I keep trying so I can’t walk in a straight line!” Spoiler: She gets it off eventually!


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Like the rest of us, she likes to unwind by binge-watching anything she can get her paws on. She also uses the laptop to keep warm. Genius!

She’s a little dramatic with her existential crisis stares and lazy moments.


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This is the cover of her album titled “I Wish There Were More Things To Chase.” Listeners have to distinguish if she means that literally or figuratively.


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Being tiny and foldable, kitty enjoys climbing into both bags and boxes. Bags are a better option because she gets the added convenience of being carried around.


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“Is there a reason why the curtains are not drawn? I work the best in the dark!” Her demanding little glare makes her 10x more menacing than usual.

She might have looked like a threat in that last photo, but she’s harmless.


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Just look at her trying to fit her entire self in her kitty tower. Good thing she’s bendy! She’s doing that adorable little paw-reachy thing!


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“Oh, I’m not up to much, just checking to see if there’s anything in here worth fighting.” After I’ve finished an entire bag of chips, I often wish more would magically appear!


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“Let’s just stay in bed a little longer, or you go do your thing. I’ll just make sure the bed is safe.” We know how you feel, kitty. We feel that way every morning!

This kitty is either in something, on something, or under something.


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“What do you mean lie right side up? I’m comfortable and to me it is right side up!” Sometimes, our pets have the weirdest resting positions.


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“Did you see that ghost? It’s trying to bite all the wires!” Mini investigated and found all the wires had tiny little bite marks in them. Spooky!


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“My parents said they didn’t choose me. They said a bird dropped me off and they were stuck with me.” It’s okay, kitty! Parents always tease.

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