Herman The Tiny Dog Model Could Be Drake’s Newest Competition

He weighs less than five pounds and has more hoodies than a teenager!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @hermaninthehood

Watch out, Drake! We’ve got a puppy who is cuter, younger, fluffier, and arguably more stylish than you! Sorry, not sorry. He is a one-year-old Maltese-Yorkshire Terrier mix named Herman, and he could definitely one-up Drake’s photoshopped Views album cover with the above photo. We’d buy that album.

He may not rap as well as Drake, but Herman sure knows how to attract an audience and rep Toronto better than Drake. He weighs less than five pounds and can be carried anywhere. So that’s where he goes – anywhere! He explores the six more than most native Torontonians. It’s not like he has a 9-5 job stopping him.


Credit: Instagram / @hermaninthehood

Since he’s so small and can fit in a bag, he gets to ride the TTC! He’s a fan of the black, red, and white streetcars. Even if the seat looks questionable, Herman will happily take it. It’s rare to find somewhere to sit, especially during rush hour.


Credit: Instagram / @hermaninthehood

Herman’s signature look is his adorable doggy hoodies! He’s rarely seen without a hood on. Herman’s followers love seeing his cute, fluffy face poking out of a brightly-colored hoodie hood! Herman gives his followers what they want.

Sometimes, he trades the hood in for other looks. It all depends on the weather!


Credit: Instagram / @hermaninthehood

When it’s a (rare) warm, sunny day in TO, Herman has on his collared shirt and slick leather jacket. You’ve got to enjoy the warm sun when you can because you don’t know if it will stick around!

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