Kate Upton And Her Main Man Harley Have A Lot To Say About This New Collar

The Link AKC smart collar™ has features pet owners only dreamed about. Now, they’re a reality!

By Erin Kirkpatrick


Most of us don’t speak dog, but we try our best to give our pets what they want. Seriously, props to pet owners for pulling out all the stops. When my childhood dog seemed distressed, I’d start asking her questions – are you too hot or too cold? do you want to go for a walk? are you hungry or thirsty? do you want me to turn the music down? – , in hopes that I could pinpoint why she was upset. I knew there had to be an easier way, but it didn’t exist yet. Little did I know, I’d have my answer in less than 10 years. Everyone meet the Link AKC smart collar™!

Dog momma, actress, and supermodel, Kate Upton and her Boxer beau Harley have joined forces with this futuristic, fashionable collar to show how its cutting-edge technology can help owners “play a more active in role their pets health and happiness.” If you could further strengthen the special bond you have with your dog, wouldn’t you?

Launched late 2016/early 2017, the smart collar was named as a 2017 “Best of Innovation” winner by the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and has stellar features that pet owners wanted but didn’t know how to ask for. Owners can finally do what they were trying to all along: better understand and care for their best friends.

Hooray! A few days ago, Link AKC launched a new video content series showcasing the adventures of Harley and his human Upton! Two of six videos have been released and give viewers an up-close-and-personal look at how the smart collar strengthens the pair’s bond and allows for better communication!


So … what does the Link AKC do, and how useful is it for you, as a pet owner?

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