Old Man Bacon, The Mutt, Has ALL The Expressions

Who needs emojis when you’ve got The Baconator?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

Meet Bacon😛. He’s a senior rescue dog and lives with his mom and dad in Florida! At first glance, he looks like a Brussel Griffon in disguise. He’s actually a mix of Pekingese, Dachshund, and Chihuahua! That’s a whole lot of breeds packed into one pup. At least we know why he’s so expressive. We also know what breeds to mix if you ever want a Brussel Griffon impersonator. Why bother? No one else will ever compare to Bacon!


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

Bacon, also known as The Baconator, has gone viral online because of his many faces. He can go from serious and pensive to something way on the other end of the spectrum!


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

Like this crazy face😲! He’s shocked and surprised that his humans stopped petting him to photograph his expression. Who knows what face he was making before this? He can switch in an instant.


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

Bacon’s “Do-Not-Disturb” face 😒. “Really? I was sleeping and then you had to move for your phone. No one even texted you!!”

Mostly his faces go from 😱 to 😒.


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

“What do you mean we have to take a bath tonight? We took a bath like last week! Give me a break! 😒” His side eye is excellent and if he wasn’t so tiny, it could probably intimidate a human.


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

😱 “Omg, I was comfortable, but then I realized that I am not a cat and then I kind of got stuck in this limbo of comfort and self-doubt.” And then, his humans caught that beautiful moment. He looks absolutely petrified.


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

😠 “I thought chicks liked the beard look? What do you mean that my beard isn’t sending the right message?” When people say they dig older guys, they might be looking for a different kind of beard style. Sorry, Bacon!


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

😮 “Outside? We’re going outside????” Sometimes, Bacon forgets he’s a senior dog and reverts to his puppy excitement when he realizes he can run freely outside.

Even when he rests, his facial expressions are still mesmerizing.


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

☺️By the look of his dream face, we think he’s dreaming about finding bones in the dirt and not having to share! It’s just bone chewing all day! Don’t you just love how his ears and forehead wrinkle like a Bulldog’s?


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

Other times, he’s not as graceful while he’s resting. There’s no equivalent emoji! We think Bacon might need to be rebooted.


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

😐 Another existential crisis resting face – “Omg, mom, WHERE IS ALL YOUR FUR!? I think something is seriously wrong with your skin!!”


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

😦 “Did I just hear you say that you’re leaving for work again? Stop leaving!” Bacon is still trying to understand the concept of weekends and weekdays.

He also makes crazy faces when he’s outside!


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

😛 “Mom and Dad said that we’re going to a new home with a big backyard! I can’t wait to run around the yard and pee EVERYWHERE! The whole land shall be mine!!”


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

When the car ride was longer than you expected and you hear the same song for the fifth time. “Are we there yet? I’m sick of this!!”


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

😬 “What? You said smile for the camera and I’m smiling!!” If you want a good picture of Bacon, avoid asking him to pose while he’s lying down.


Credit: Instagram / @thebaconator

😁 Bacon’s many faces are adorably loveable! We wouldn’t change him for the world. He was rescued almost a year and a half ago, and every day since then, his family has had front row seats to his unlimited stock of facial expressions and of course, his one-of-a-kind personality!

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