Radio Host Has Helped Over 500 Dogs Find Forever Homes

Johnjay Van Es is using his social media pull to put pooches in loving homes.

By Erin Kirkpatrick

Credit: Instagram / @johnjayvanes

We’re very pleased to introduce everyone to Johnjay Van Es, his wife Blake, and their three sons — Kemp, Dutch, and Jake! This wonderful family of five, led by radio host for KISS FM’s Johnjay and Rich Morning Show Van Es, has made it their mission to help dogs in need. They’ve fully transformed their Phoenix home into a haven for homeless, injured, and abandoned dogs in need of rescuing. The Van Es family provides food, shelter, medical attention, and better yet, they’re devoted to finding forever homes for each of their furry residents via social media. In 2015, Van Es created his own dog rescue foundation called #LovePup. So, how did this whole thing start?

Credit: Instagram / @johnjayvanes

Throughout their entire marriage, Van Es and Blake (pictured above) have been rescuing dogs. However, Van Es credits one specific incident that put the power of social media and pups into perspective. On that fateful day, Van Es found an abandoned Chihuahua and posted a picture of the dog on his Instagram account, in hopes someone would welcome the pup into their home. Well, someone came to the Chihuahua’s rescue. Not long after, people who had found pets or could not longer care for their pets started reaching out to Van Es for help.

Credit: Instagram / @johnjayvanes

We love that the Van Es kids are involved, too! Van Es has stated that his sons are a big reason why he started the foundation in the first place. Ten-year-old Dutch loves helping his dad prepare dogs for adoption. He’s holding Vanessa, a six-month-old pup, who’s ready for new home. Van Es welcomes his Instagram followers to DM (Direct Message) him if they’re interested in adopting a dog he’s posted about. Who else is tempted to adopt this love bug?

Instagram became his go-to tool for finding loving homes for his four-legged friends.

Credit: Instagram / @johnjayvanes

He’d post their pictures on Instagram, and without fail, he would find them homes right away. Van Es also uses social media to vet people who are interested in claiming dogs. Like modern-day recruiters, Van Es investigates the social profiles of potential adopters. In an interview with People Magazine, Van Es, said, “I can tell if they’re party animals, bad people — if I don’t like what I see, then they don’t get the dog.”

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