Rollo The Shiba Is The Happiest Pup In Perth!

He’ll get right in your face to make sure you’re happy, too.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

Since August 2016, Rollo the Shiba has blessed this world. He’s still a puppy, but he’s already a master of fashion, modeling, the beach, snacks, and of course, fetch! His happy face makes him extra adorable. Seriously. Sometimes, he doesn’t even need a cute outfit to achieve adorableness. What a life!


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

As you can see from this picture, he’s a curious pup. He’ll go nose first, without hesitation. It’s just so boop-able! Don’t you want to just boop his nose? The answer to that question is always “YES PLEASE!”


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

When he’s not up in your face, he’s making himself cozy and comfortable on the couch. “Oh, were you using this cushion? Too bad, it’s mine now.”


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

He’s a great model, both au naturel and with outfits. Just look at that pose and great smile. He’s so effortlessly photogenic!

He’s a big napper and loves cuddling with the cat!


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

These two were sooo sleepy that they had no idea it was storming outside. The rain and thunder acted as a calming soundtrack for their peaceful nap.


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

When Nala wants to get comfortable, Rollo has to stay perfectly still until she’s settled. “Can’t we just share this space peacefully?”


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

The best is when he steals his humans’ bed. “Oh, were you going to get back in bed? Nope, it’s all mine and I’m going to stretch everywhere!”


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

Rollo is tucked into his sushi sheets with his sushi pillow. What are the odds he dreams about eating sushi? It’s the best of both worlds, as he loves sleeping and eating sushi so much.

For a Shiba, it’s hard to outshine the Doge meme, but Rollo can try!


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

When you have such a chubby face, it’s easy to become Doge 2.0! But first, belly rubs and naps on mummy’s lap!


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

If he turned just a little bit to the left, Rollo would be a perfect Doge impersonator! But of course, Rollo is beautiful in his own way.


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

He may not be shedding weight, but he does shed a lot of fur all the time. “I made this, but I’m not cleaning it up, Mum!”


Credit: Instagram / @rolloshiba

Good thing he’s adorable and has the greatest smile! Perth Australians are lucky to have a chance to bump into Rollo the happy Shiba!

For more photos, follow him on Instagram @rolloshiba!