Popeye Went From Rescue Dog To Restaurant Aficionado!

The rescue dog turned food connoisseur doesn’t discriminate against meals.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

“Where’s my food? You brought me outside and there’s nothing delicious or beautiful in front of me!” Popeye has spent most of his life at restaurants, so naturally, he’s come to expect food whenever he’s brought to a table.

If you’re a foodie, Los Angeles is the city to visit. It’s as if all the (food) artists and chefs got together and thought, “Let’s all travel to L.A. and create trendy foods that are delicious and Instagram-able.” Dogs are also super popular on Instagram! Who wouldn’t want to see an adorable pup eating the delicious treats of L.A.? Well, that’s exactly what you get from @popeyethefoodie’s Instagram account.

Popeye’s life wasn’t always as lavish, though. Ivy Diep, Popeye’s mom, found him as a stray. She said in an interview, “He was such a mess – super skinny, heavily matted, dirty.” Since she couldn’t find anyone to take him, she decided to keep Popeye, despite having a busy house already.


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Adding bacon to any breakfast item makes it 20x better. We think the restaurant could have been a bit more generous with Popeye’s bacon portion, but we’re very impressed with the buttery waffle. We want brunch! We want brunch!


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Diep found that Popeye was calm and restrained around food. Unlike most dogs, he wouldn’t jump at the sight of it, making him the perfect pet to bring on foodie adventures!


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Even when Ivy and her husband are out of town, they take photos like this! That way, Popeye can still be included in their food-oriented adventures. He’s definitely there in spirit. Mmm … donuts.

And then, the Instagram account started…


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Since Popeye was well behaved around food, Ivy and her husband took him to dog-friendly restaurants and patios in the city. He liked hitting the town with his human!


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Then, one of Ivy’s friends suggested starting an Instagram for the cuddly Popeye. It was perfect – an adorable dog “eating” tasty food!


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Now, the little pup has over 226,000 followers on Instagram! His paw-rents capture the best moments when the food comes out, and Popeye never fails to pull a cute face.


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

“I will destroy this adorable donut cake thing!” Popeye’s Instagram account promotes dog-friendly venues all around L.A. Thanks to Popeye, foodies can enjoy L.A. hotspots with their pet in tow. It’s a win-win situation.

Was it the food or the pup that made Popeye’s Instagram so popular? It’s hard to tell …


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Just look how adorable Popeye is with his little Krispy Kreme hat! If you were distracted by the donuts, we don’t blame you. They’re pretty mesmerizing, too!


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

This dog is definitely all about the donuts. That panda looks a little nervous around Popeye. I think Popeye called dibs on that donut. Sorry, panda!


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Popeye is all about the hype and what’s trending. This adorable restaurant serves yummy food with Sanrio designs! He could totally be a Sanrio character.


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Popeye’s owners are trying to decide if it’s too early in the day to start drinking. Popeye is refusing to get involved! He’ll gladly take that pickle, though.

Popeye loves trying out new, trending restaurants around L.A.


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

One of our favorite pictures of Popeye – The Loop Churros with a Pikachu! If I catch the churro, may I eat it?


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Popeye is going back to his sailor roots and enjoying his fair share of seafood. He’s got seafood sandwiches and seafood chowder! Look away from the food for one second and take a gander that his little sailor getup. Okay, you can look at the food again!


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

We’re all about the noodles, too, Popeye. Nothing cleanses your palate like some spicy ramen! Good thing he’s got his humans to hold his chopstick for him.


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

How awesome is this piggy gelato? This little piggy went in the cone. This little piggy was topped with sprinkles. And I ate this little piggy before we even got home …


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Popeye and his namesake on the Santa Monica Pier. They both have the same facial expression. I know we’re biased, but we think fluffy Popeye has better taste in food!

To follow this adorable foodie, check out his Instagram @popeyethefoodie.