Rufio The Golden Is A Real Life Wizard Pup

This Chicago Dog Is Ready For Hogwarts

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
livingthatgoldenlifeCredit: Instagram / @livingthatgoldenlife

Rufio is a rather popular Golden Retriever on Instagram. With over 220,000 followers, his smile steals hearts all over the Internet. He’s named after the leader of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan! Recently, one of his Instagram videos went viral. In the video, Rufio was way too excited to be at the store and didn’t want to leave. Like, he really didn’t want to leave. Rufio, who is usually a good boy, had to be dragged out of the store while maintaing adorable eye contact with his owner.

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Credit: Instagram / @livingthatgoldenlife

“Why won’t the mouse come out and play? I will bark louder!” A word of advice, Rufio. Barking louder will not make the mouse want to play with you.

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And then, he refused to leave because he was not done trying to play with all the others at the pet store.

livingthatgoldenlife6Credit: Instagram / @livingthatgoldenlife

Because when he’s back home, there’s nothing much to bark at except for your parents. And that’s only fun for so long.

As a puppy, like all puppies, he was as cute as a button, but he was destined for greatness.

livingthatgoldenlife3Credit: Instagram / @livingthatgoldenlife

When he was teeny tiny he could be cradled in his mum’s arms. We guess that he still tries to fit in the arms, but he’s a bit too big for that now!

livingthatgoldenlife2Credit: Instagram / @livingthatgoldenlife

Here he is sitting still all by himself! He looks like he’s all ready for his first year at Hogwarts. We wonder what kind of wand he got for himself.

livingthatgoldenlife4Credit: Instagram / @livingthatgoldenlife

One of his mum’s favorite things to do was dress Rufio as Harry Potter in celebration of Harry Potter’s birthday (July 31)! We think if they ever do a reboot, all the characters should be Golden Retrievers!

livingthatgoldenlife5Credit: Instagram / @livingthatgoldenlife

Now Rufio is a big boy and in his later years at Hogwarts. He can carry his briefcase himself now that he’s bigger. He’s got a lot of travelling to do to get to London.

Back home, Rufio loves to be outside enjoying the sun and the snow!

livingthatgoldenlife8Credit: Instagram / @livingthatgoldenlife

Even though his face doesn’t show it, he actually likes being outside. He’s just trying to be serene enough for an artsy winter photo. The snow is just the icing on the cake!

livingthatgoldenlife9Credit: Instagram / @livingthatgoldenlife

For serious outdoor adventures, Rufio gets his booties to protect his precious paws. And now he can run without getting too cold. By the look of his face, he knows it too!

livingthatgoldenlife10Credit: Instagram / @livingthatgoldenlife

Whenever there’s snow in the city, he’s got to sit still and pose for the pretty scenic photo. Because if you don’t look like your lost in thought, is it a real Instagram photo?

livingthatgoldenlife7Credit: Instagram / @livingthatgoldenlife

Okay, he may not be a real wizard, but he’s definitely really adorable. For more cute photos and videos, follow him on Instagram @livingthatgoldenlife!