12 Dogs Around The World Who Don’t Like President Trump

These dogs have something to say about US politics, too!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
parttimesarahCredit: Tumblr / @parttimesarah

Dogs and people all over the world united in protests against one thing: President Trump’s inauguration. His comments throughout his presidential campaign, in his inauguration, and during his first few months of presidency offended people worldwide. His alt-right views and almost authoritarian style of leading have brought people to call him fascist.

Credit: Tumblr / @parttimesarah

In President Trump’s first 100 days as POTUS, he signed 90 executive actions affecting not just American lives, but also lives all around the world. One of his more shocking decisions was the ban of immigrant and non-immigrant entries in to US from 7 Muslim majority countries.

Mairéad Ann Collins‎Credit: Facebook / Mairéad Ann Collins‎

People with American citizenship hailing from these countries were stopped from coming into the US. Individuals and families stuck in airport limbo had nowhere to go. In response, people protested the executive order at airports like JKF in New York. Even state governments opposed these executives orders and did what they could to overturn them.

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