Dog Found Buried Alive In Montreal

Boxer left to die was strangled and buried alive in a field in Saint-Paul D’Abbotsford.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
SPCAMonteregieCredit: Facebook / SPCA Montérégie

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Montétégie, Québec responded to an extreme case of animal cruelty. An unknown Boxer mix, who was named Sugar Ray by first responders, was found buried alive in a field in Saint-Paul D’Abbortsford. Dehydrated and barely able to move his head, the SPCA attempted to revive the animal. Whoever buried the dog had also strangled him, hit him on the head, and wrapped him in a sheet, before burying him alive.

kariannecdCredit: Instagram / @kariannecd

A man walking in a field in Saint-Paul D’Abbortsford heard a whimper from a patch of topsoil and saw the dog’s paw sticking out.

lekurosawaCredit: Instagram / @lekurosawa

He dug the animal out and brought the dog to emergency care. It was unclear for how long the dog was buried.

SPCAMonteregie2Credit: Facebook / SPCA Montérégie

Linda Robertson, the SPCA’s director, said that this is the first case they have seen of a dog being buried alive. We hope it will also be the last case.

Due to this unimaginable depravity, Sugar Ray did not survive his injuries and tragically passed away the next day.

Please hug your own pets a little tighter today, and keep this poor animal in your heart.