Can You Guess Which Breeds Reese Witherspoon Has?

One’s big, one’s little and they both look like chocolate!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
reesewitherspoon2Credit: @reesewitherspoon

We all know Reese Witherspoon from her best movie ever, Legally Blonde! That’s where she played a Harvard Law student with a tiny Chihuahua bff named Bruiser. Even though that movie was long, long ago, her love for dogs never went away. She frequently does shoots with puppies (lucky) and has two dogs: Pepper and Hank. She regularly posts photos of Pepper on her Instagram and from time to time Hank, but he likes to lie down and take naps.

Who else takes their pup to work and makes sure that they’re at least somewhat matching? You can count on Reese and Pepper for that.

reesewitherspoon3Credit: @reesewitherspoon

Hank is less featured on her Instagram since it’s all about sunbathing and naps for him! But who could blame him? He’s less portable, but just as loved by Reese.

reesewitherspoon4 Credit: @reesewitherspoon

I mean, how cute are these two! They don’t even mind their mom dressing them up – perhaps acting runs in the family, even the furry members.

reesewitherspoon5Credit: @reesewitherspoon

Pepper even gets featured on Reese’s Snapchat @snapsbyreese. That’s another Snap Story to add to your morning social media check!

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Reese’s daughter shot this video of Pepper enjoying a Popsicle. Looks delicious!

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