Incredible Photos From Japan’s Cat Island

A One of A Kind Island Run By Unique Residents

By Catalina Barrios

Photo: Andrew Marttila @iamthegreatwent

When we day dream, many of our minds go straight to  a tropical getaway. Imagine yourself waking up to the beautiful sound of the waves, drinking a cold and delicious pineapple or coconut juice, with the sun kissing your skin. I get excited just by thinking about it. Do you have somewhere in mind?

I have great option if you are planning your next vacation adventure and love animals, especially cats.

How about travelling to Japan?

You don’t need to go a big city like Tokyo; you can visit the island of Aoshima. This small island only has 120 residents. What makes this island unique is that 100 of its residents are cats. YES, cats.

Photo: Andrew Marttila @iamthegreatwent

Aoshimi is one of 11 islands in Japan where humans are greatly outnumbered by cats. Originally, fishermen brought cats to the island as a way of controlling the islands’ rat population.

 Photo: Andrew Marttila @iamthegreatwent

Tashirojima is another cat island located in the east coast of Japan which is also run mostly by cats. This island is mostly made up of stray cats. The island’s residents believe that feeding the cats will bring them good wealth and fortune. Interesting…

Cats are the main attraction in these small islands where they are fed by locals and tourists. But it’s not all cuddles and purrs. Some of the cats have serious issues.

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