Inside Toronto’s First Dogbnb!

A special suite that caters to your canine

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
earthratedCredit: Instagram / @earthrated

Gone are the days of regular hotels and taxis and in come new ways to travel: Airbnbs and Uber. So many things are changing in the way people are getting around and finding places to stay in new cities. Not only do home and car owners have a new way to pay off mortgages and leases by renting out their homes or offering rides, travelers have more options that are less hotel-y and more homey. But what about the dog toting traveler, specifically?


Earth Rated, a Montreal based company who sells quality poop bags, has taken the homeyness of Airbnb to a whole new level. They’ve transformed Thompson Hotel Residences into dog-friendly Airbnbs!

sahniaasthaCredit: Instagram / @sahniaastha

A luxurious place in Toronto for you and your dog to stay with accommodations like a private washroom and bedroom just for you dog! We got an inside look from two special friends of ours at Get Leashed – Aastha and Coco!

airbnb2Credit: Airbnb, Inc. / Canada’s First Dogbnb by Earth Rated

Like a lot of Airbnbs and hotels, there are tiny amenities for your dog’s comfort and pampering including dog shampoo, yummy and adorable treats, and tiny wine and champagne just for dogs!

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