11 Kawaii Kitty Things You Can Only Find in Japan

Plan a trip to Japan and stock up on kitty gear

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: sanpasta

Need to make you morning coffee even cuter? Japanese products got you.

Japan is the capital of innovation, creativity, and downright weird. Sidestepping their fascination with s-e-x, they also are the capital of adorable and weird animal products (not products made out of animals). In the land of stuffies for any character, Japanese people have invented the likes of  Hello Kitty and Pokemon, making the generic teddy bear look like a thing of ancient times.

Any cute character or animal obsession you have, you can bet there just might be an area that sells that kind of product. And there is definitely a niche for kitty stuff – so we’ve collected 11 of them for you!

Kitty things you can eat:

11. Maneki-neko buns!


Credit: Instagram / @akarisakasu

Whenever you enter a Japanese or Chinese store or a restaurant, you may spot a Maneki-neko figurine. This kitty is believed to bring good luck to the owner in business. And in Japan, you can even eat one in bun form!

10. Cat Donuts!

Credit: Instagram / @cindergreytutu

If you follow your nose to a bakery in Japan, you just might find that they make adorable baked goods – like these cat donuts! And if you really want to pretend you can eat one, you can buy a plastic one from here.

9. Animal Chocolates!


Credit: Instagram / @goncharoff_1923

Another cute sweet treat are these animal chocolates. You may not see a kitty in here, but the company, Goncharoff, has one with just kitty chocolates. They’re so cute and detailed you probably won’t want to bite them.

8. Cat Latte Art!


Credit: Instagram / @katagiri_a

Coffee and cat lovers, unite! Now you can push aside the basic tree and heart latte art for your favorite animal. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can even request a personal photo for them to emulate of your furry pet. Some of the art is even 3D! There are a lot of fun coffee shops that do this, but you can check out Reissue!

7. Cat Marshmallows!


Credit: sanpasta

Add an adorable and yummy little friend to your hot drink in the morning with these marshmallows!


Credit: sanpasta

If you can’t make it to the actually coffee shop, you can probably buy cat marshmallows that you can put in your hot drink. It looks like the kitty is enjoying a warm bath in your drink!


Credit: @sanpasta

You can buy them here. But it’s not just about food and treats…

There are tons of kitty things you can use…

6. Realistic Cat Purses!


Credit: Instagram / @guppydoll

This is where things get a little weird. You can buy a purse that Japanese artist Pico that actually looks like a live kitty. And if you’re into that kind of thing, then you have to hunt for it on the Internet on sites like eBay or Amazon. Or if you really want one, you can buy it off Yahoo’s Japanese auction site.

5. Excited Cat Pins!


Credit: hankyu

Spice up your stationary with excited kittens who support you throughout the week. Imagine they’re saying, “Yay, you!”


Credit: hankyu

You want to make a statement? Wear these excited cats on your clothes/backpack. The cats have pom-poms or even signs to make their statement known. Pokefasu makes them and sells them here.

Kitty things you can wear…

4. Cat Hoodie!


Credit: Skimp.jpn

Wonder if you can ever be as comfortable as kitties as with their warm, soft fur? Well the next best thing is to wear this cute and rather long cat hoodie. It’s length and cat ears will let you curl up into a ball just like a cat. You can buy it here.



Credit: wear.jp

What’s better than regular pants? That’s right – it’s CANTS. You can wear your kitty love with pride with these classy bottoms. And the little ears that poke up just put the whole look together. You can buy them here.

2. Kitty Flats!


Credit: wear.jp

If you got the cants, then you should definitely get the kitty flats! They come in a variety of colors and will just shout out your passion for cat-everything. You can buy them here.

Kitty things you can see…

1. The Kitty Convention at Today’s Gallery Studio!


Credit: Facebook / Today’s Gallery Studio

Adorable kitty photos make anyone smile, especially when it seems like they’re plotting a disaster …


Credit: Facebook / Today’s Gallery Studio

You can buy stuffies….


Credit: Facebook / Today’s Gallery Studio

And a whole bunch of other cat-themed products!

Located in Taito-ku, Japan, this gallery hosts a Nekkyo-no-shi Winter Festival, a joint photo and merchandise exhibit. You can find more information on their Facebook.

And there you have it! Do you have the travel itch yet?