Everything About KiKi’s Instagram Is Aesthetic Goals

Including her pets! You might have to readjust your ‘gram after seeing hers

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
kariannecdCredit: Instagram / @kariannecd

Karianne is a 22 year old from Montreal, Canada. And nothing, and I mean nothing, clashes with her grey scale theme on Instagram. It’s rather impressive. From her hair, to her décor, to her clothes, even her pets match with the aesthetic. Some of us can’t even follow the unspoken etiquette of using the multiple photo tools and post all of the photos individually. Thus, we flood our followers’ feeds and ruin their user experience.

kariannecd2Credit: Instagram / @kariannecd

Karianne is a momma of two Frenchies. This is Kylie, her cream Frenchie, who definitely goes with her theme with her light fur coat. She basically blends in with the bed sheets.

kariannecd3Credit: Instagram / @kariannecd

Her second Frenchie is a black beauty named Jaxon. He’s a big baby, but goes well with her selfies when she carries him. He sets a great contrast to her silver hair.

kariannecd8Credit: Instagram / @kariannecd

And her baby is a Bengal kitten named Snö. And since she has white fur rather than orange, she’s the greatest addition to the family. And she’s handheld!

Of course the pets aren’t just for the photos, but for all the love a pet momma can give them.

kariannecd4Credit: Instagram / @kariannecd

Good thing Frenchies are still considered a “small” breed. Karianne can still Jaxon with one hand to take photos together. Who else still considers their fur baby tiny even though they’ve probably grown a lot?

kariannecd5Credit: Instagram / @kariannecd

As grumpy as Millie looks, she probably loves this alone time with her mommy. When there’s three of you and one of mom, you’ve got to enjoy it even if it means another selfie.

kariannecd6Credit: Instagram / @kariannecd

That doesn’t mean Millie will always look at the mirror. She will settle for taking a photo, but only if Karianne holds her head and continues to hug her.

kariannecd7Credit: Instagram / @kariannecd

Snö the kitty can’t really escape if her mommy has two hands on her. It’s much easier to cuddle with your fur babies if they can’t wriggle out that fast!

Are you seeing how your doggy can match your aesthetic or you just trying to get a good picture with them? Let us know!