Being A Mutt Means Nothing In This Family

If you treat your pup like royalty, they’ll act like royalty.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
fourrescuemuttsCredit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts

In our dog owning community we all agree we love dogs. No ifs, ands, or wagging butts. Well, maybe one wagging but – some of us lean towards purebred dogs and some of us prefer the mixed or mutt variety. Now, a mutt isn’t a bad dog or a lesser dog. They just look like an adorable version of whatever they’re mixed with, which is totally great. Also, they love just as hard as their pedigreed cousins.

ohhayjustyneCredit: Instagram / @ohhayjustyne

From my own experience, I had a dog who was Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and Poodle mix. She was tiny and fierce like a Chihuahua, soft and yippy like a Pomeranian, and fluffy like a Poodle. She was the perfect package!

In this dog family, there are four rescue mutt members! And every pup in the pack comes with a different personality that together makes a perfect family.

fourrescuemutts2Credit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts

The two bigger siblings are Luna and Loki. You can tell the difference between the two because Luna has two different colored eyes. These two are the bigger ones, but they heed to the littler ones.

fourrescuemutts3Credit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts

Next are the tiny princesses. The weeny one is Tilly AKA the queen of the pack and the fluffy one is Shyla who is really the queen, but she lets Tilly be the Diva.

Family is family no matter what breed or species you are.

fourrescuemutts4Credit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts

Loki is the handsome one and only boy of the family. He has the ears of a German Shepherd and the coat of a Labrador. He has many expressions including this charming one, a stoic one, and a full on silly one. He takes his job of protecting his sisters from any harm very seriously.

fourrescuemutts5Credit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts

Luna is very suspicious of Tilly’s title. But Tilly pays her no mind. She knows she some kind of royalty and she’s keeping the crown!

fourrescuemutts6Credit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts

Here you can see the real wisdom in Shyla’s eyes. She’s the silent leader of the pack and keeps everyone in check.

fourrescuemutts9Credit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts

Because the whole family knows that Tilly is actually a baby in both size and personality, she can commonly be found like this. She doesn’t have to sit in the trunk like her bigger siblings, but relaxes in her doggy hammock in the backseat.

Of course, there’s no animosity between the siblings, just love!

fourrescuemutts8Credit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts

And their love spreads to their friends. Sometimes you get sick of your siblings and really want to pick on someone your own size. (Just kidding!)

fourrescuemutts11Credit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts

But, of course, like all siblings, they’re very nosy of what the others are doing.

“Can we play? We wanna play all together. Don’t leave us out, Shyla and Tilly!”

fourrescuemutts10Credit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts

“What do you mean? We’re just relaxing over here like you told us to! Except you told us to go away!”

Siblings, can’t ever please ‘em.

zabbytabbyartCredit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts

At the end of the day, you’ve got four amazing rescue dogs who love each other and their humans. They got another chance at having a family and get treated like royalty! You may say mutt, they say “your majesty, please”.