Copper Should Get The Final Rose

Rachel Lindsay’s Loveable Dog Steals the Show in The Bachelorette

By Si Si Penaloza

Bachelors come and go. Copper is forever. Who needs diamonds when you find a love like Copper? In 2017, dogs are truly a girl’s best friend.

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On The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay went on her first round of dates with surprising appearances from newly outed franchise fans Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (who’s next, Noam Chomsky?)

One appearance stole the show, full stop. Copper, Rachel’s perky and loveable pooch, ran away with all our feels; he even managed to steal the spotlight with his front leg in a cast.

bacheloretteABC4Credit: Twitter / @BacheloretteABC

First of all, puppers arrived in his own limo, hobbling up to his mom like a champ, setting our hearts on fire. Hearts melted and memes were born. Peter may have made a superb first impression, but it seems Copper is now the early front-runner for the audience’s final rose.

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The Texas native is far from flying solo on her journey to finding love on ABC’s guilty pleasure reality dating competition — and her pup Copper has been the most loyal wingman.

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The show has yet to explain what happened to Copper’s leg, despite Rachel telling dashing Peter Kraus that she was going to tell him the story “another time”.

It’s like the producers are taunting us. We want to hear about Copper!

bacheloretteABCCredit: Twitter / @BacheloretteABC

Lindsay herself tweeted an answer after the episode aired. “Inquiring minds want to know what happened to Copper…he broke his toe jumping off something,” she wrote in the tweet.

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Despite Copper’s rather adorable bum leg, Rachel’s furry friend has already bonded with one of Rachel’s suitors, Peter Kraus.

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The trio boarded a private jet and enjoyed a day trip to Palm Springs to soak in the sun at Bark Fest, a doggy pool party complete with unicorn floaties, custom dog treats, colorful cocktails and a celebrity DJ.

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Predictably, social media exploded with instant kudos for Copper. Yup, Rachel’s dog has become the third most tweeted-about “contestants” of the series so far, according to Twitter stats, only falling behind actual contestants DeMario and Peter. Spurned Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi thinks Copper is the star of the show, tweeting, “Can we have a doggy spinoff with Copper as the next Bachelor?”

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“I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on finding love if I left the most important piece of my heart back in Dallas,” Rachel reflected on how much comfort she gains from Copper on her blog. “So right before the guys showed up I flew back, had his furry leg wrapped in a cast, and booked us both first class seats back to California. Truth is I needed him to comfort me as much as he needed me.”

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Rachel calls Copper her “dog-child”. He is a two-year-old rescue. The raven haired stunner also revealed on social media that she thinks her rescue pup is a Finnish Spitz and German Shepherd mix.

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Copper’s three-legged running is too endearing to watch – he takes it all in stride. Fans are beyond smitten with the smiling pooch and his now legendary limp. When Rachel visited E! News after the premiere, she gleefully shared that that viewers will be seeing more of Copper as the drama rolls on. Apparently more candidates will be meeting her pup, putting them to the Copper test.

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To dub Copper a “Bachelor Nation” fan favorite would be a rabid understatement. The only way he could trend higher is if he lifted his gloriously fluffy leg and let loose on duplicitous suitor DeMario.