Stats Show If You Own One Of These Breeds, You Need To Pay Special Attention

Frequent vet visits can be prevented with a little TLC

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


 Credit: Instagram / @murphhomiequan

Does it seem like your dog has ears that have a life of their own? Well, if they’re that big and fold over themselves, then you have to start cleaning them weekly.

Can you guess what the number one reason pet owners brought their dogs to the vet was last year? According to Nationwide Pet Insurance 2016 findings, it was ear infections. These visits could decrease if owners cleaned their dogs’ ears more regularly and inspected them more. But some dogs have a higher risk in getting infections and those are the floppy eared dogs. They may be adorable, but more, ears, more problems.

Here are the breeds (and of course any mixes with these breeds!) that require more ear attention:

Schnauzers (mini or regular sized)


Credit: Instagram / @_bbrucelee

Yawn checking my ears is a bore, throw this ball! If we just take two minutes out of playtime to check your ear, missy, then we can be safe and fun.



Credit: Instagram / @rubydooby_do

These long and pointy ears do more than just listen for predators or approaching humans, they catch everything the wind blows into them. Check, check and check again!

A whole lot of hounds…

Afghan Hounds


Credit: Instagram / @afghanollie

These long limbed and furred pups also have long and furry ears. Take the chance during naptime to lift their ears and clean em!

Basset Hounds


Credit: Instagram / @deanthebasset

These ears may just as well fall to the floor! Especially if your Basset Hound lies down a lot, then that means more trouble!



Credit: Instagram / @fosterdogsnyc

“What do you mean we have to do something before we go on a walk? You put my leash on and everything. What a tease.”

Blood Hounds


Credit: Instagram / @kneppsbloundhounds

*DJ Khaled voice* Another one, hounds may be known for their bigger and better ears, but with great ears comes with great responsibilities.



Credit: Instagram / @bbflabradors

This tiny muffin is going to grow big and strong. Make sure you check your big baby’s ears on a regular basis.

Golden Retrievers


Credit: Instagram / @oshiegoldenbear

You already know that this silly goose’s ears flop all the way from the door to the yard. There are lots of germs in that distance!

Shih Tzus


Credit: Instagram / @pawsofsimba

All that fluff needs a lot of maintenance. Even though they’re tiny, Shih Tzus need ear checks too and hourly fur brushings (just kidding!)

Poodles (mini and regular)


Credit: Instagram / @poodleloopy__

This mini poodle also needs regular checks. Just do it while you adore that precious face and toy sized body!

And the gentle giants…

St. Bernards


Credit: Instagram / @droolkidz

St. Bernards grow in what seems like a minute and that means so do their ears. They’re kind enough for an ear check and probably think you’re playing!



Credit: Instagram / @hugo_the_newfie

Just like the Saint Bernards the drooly Newfie got some big ears to trap infections. Rub your Newfie’s belly with one hand and check the ears with the other if you can reach!

Bull Mastiffs

moose_and_zippy (bullmastiff)

Credit: Instagram / @moose_and_zippy

This tiny pup may look adorable and can probably fit in your hands, but soon he will also be a drooly giant. Look at his ears though, so cute!

And the spaniel types:

Cocker Spaniels


Credit: Instagram / @charlieandfrankie_

These Golden Cocker Spaniels have beautiful long fur all over, including their, you guessed it, ears! If you have more than one, maybe you can have an ear cleaning party.

Cavalier King Charles


Credit: Instagram /  @luciditys

These fuzzy nuggets need lots of grooming already, just add the ear business to your checklist. Gosh, some dogs are just so high maintenance. Good thing they’re lovable.

Springer Spaniel


Credit: Instagram / @springerspanielworld

These old pups are having a day out on the beach, and maybe they might just have a day in the doggy spa! Clean and maintain everything!

And the other floppy eared pups:

Portuguese Water Dogs


Credit: Instagram / @tule_tabbouleh

Just like the Obama dogs who probably get checked round the clock, make sure your PWD gets the same treatment!

Great Danes


Credit: Instagram / @dazeofdukeandsully

Maybe these two Great Danes are trying to avoid their ear checks by wearing false ones! We know you’re not really bunnies!



Credit: Instagram / @longlongranch

Even though this is a puppy, his ears are already ridiculous. We bet his ears are just as long as his wiener body.



Credit: Instagram / @petrah_weim

Where’d you get that sweater and collar? You look fabulous! Now I hope you went to get your ears inspected at the same time! Take as much time maintaining your health as you do in appearance.


Credit: Instagram / @vallevecchia

Beagles, beagles, beagles – they got ears that like to touch the ground too. Can’t be too careful with checking for infections!

We know we probably beat the words ears and infection to death in this piece, but we only have your pet’s health in mind! Check those floppy things!