The Sun Has Arrived! How Cool Canines Are Beating The Heat

From the pool to the beach,  get some inspiration from these doggos.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
88kncorbettCredit: Instagram / @88kncorbett

Get your squad ready and prepare to conquer this heat wave. In Toronto, we’ve skipped spring and went from winter straight to scorching hot summer. We’re used to it, but getting dressed is confusing when it’s cooler in the mornings and then hot during the afternoon. Plus, when we’re trying to conserve some energy by using the A/C sparingly, we try to find more creative ways to beat the heat.

tangomunch_pitbulCredit: Instagram / @tangomunch_pitbull

Since not all of us have the luxury to hike and find peaceful rivers that bring their own breeze, Get Leashed has found some other ways for you and your dog to cool down during the summer. Because sitting in your sweat and trying to move as little as possible is just as horrible as sitting directly in the sunlight.

potatobuddsCredit: Instagram / @potatobudds

Remember to try and sit in the shade as much as possible if you are walking your doggies for a long stretch, and especially if they’re super furry. Always have lots of water available to keep you and your doggies refreshed.

maddie_the_minidoodCredit: Instagram / @maddie_the_minidood

And if there’s a Starbucks along the way and has mercy on your floof, maybe pop in for a few minutes of air conditioning, an iced latte, and a Puppacino! Whip cream solves everything.

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