Get Leashed’s Favorite LGBTQ+ Celebrities And Their Dogs

June is Pride month and these celebrities are proud of their love and their dogs.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
nevillejacobs-featuredphotoCredit: Instagram / @nevillejacobs

Happy Pride Month! At Get Leashed, in between petting all the dogs, we celebrate all genders and sexual orientations of everyone we meet. Whether you identify as transgender, agender, gender fluid, gay, bi, pan, or none or all of the above, we love it. BUT what we really love you for is your doggy. (We mean, we’d probably love you if you love dogs as much as us, but if you have a dog, it’d be a big PLUS!)

But let’s get down to business and to why you wanted to read this story Let’s see the LGBTQ+ celebrities and their doggies. See if you can guess any or if we missed any!

Marc Jacobs

themarcjacobsCredit: Instagram / @themarcjacobs

We’ll begin with Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs. The hot designer and his boyfriend, underwear model, Char Defrancesco, have three doggies. Marc has Neville the Bull Terrier  , Charlie the French Bulldog and Char has Lady the Pit Bull Mix.

themarcjacobs2Credit: Instagram / @themarcjacobs

These three spend a lot of time together and help Marc deal with all the stress of Fashion week. They’re on duty for cuddles and pets so Marc can keep his focus. All three cuddle with Marc and Char and even travel with them to most of the places they go!

Fortune Feimster

fortunefeimsterCredit: Instagram / @fortunefeimster

Fortune Feimster is our cute lesbian comedian known for being on The Mindy Project, Chelsea Lately and Life in Pieces. She and her partner Jacquelyn Smith are the cutest on Instagram and as Feimster put it, “gayed it up” for the photos.

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