Get Leashed’s Favorite LGBTQ+ Celebrities And Their Dogs

June is Pride month and these celebrities are proud of their love and their dogs.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
nevillejacobs-featuredphotoCredit: Instagram / @nevillejacobs

Happy Pride Month! At Get Leashed, in between petting all the dogs, we celebrate all genders and sexual orientations of everyone we meet. Whether you identify as transgender, agender, gender fluid, gay, bi, pan, or none or all of the above, we love it. BUT what we really love you for is your doggy. (We mean, we’d probably love you if you love dogs as much as us, but if you have a dog, it’d be a big PLUS!)

But let’s get down to business and to why you wanted to read this story Let’s see the LGBTQ+ celebrities and their doggies. See if you can guess any or if we missed any!

Marc Jacobs

themarcjacobsCredit: Instagram / @themarcjacobs

We’ll begin with Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs. The hot designer and his boyfriend, underwear model, Char Defrancesco, have three doggies. Marc has Neville the Bull Terrier  , Charlie the French Bulldog and Char has Lady the Pit Bull Mix.

themarcjacobs2Credit: Instagram / @themarcjacobs

These three spend a lot of time together and help Marc deal with all the stress of Fashion week. They’re on duty for cuddles and pets so Marc can keep his focus. All three cuddle with Marc and Char and even travel with them to most of the places they go!

Fortune Feimster

fortunefeimsterCredit: Instagram / @fortunefeimster

Fortune Feimster is our cute lesbian comedian known for being on The Mindy Project, Chelsea Lately and Life in Pieces. She and her partner Jacquelyn Smith are the cutest on Instagram and as Feimster put it, “gayed it up” for the photos.

Love is love for dogs.

fortunefeimster2Credit: Instagram / @fortunefeimster

Fortune and Jax have two dogs: Maddy and Biggie. They adopted both of them from the Humane Society. Their most recent adoption was Biggie a five-year-old pom. The two dogs cuddle with their mommies and each other.

Anderson Cooper

andersoncooperCredit: Instagram / @andersoncooper

One of the most handsome TV personalities of the century, Anderson Cooper, has a Welsh Springer Spaniel named Lilly! Lilly loves to lounge and she’s absolutely gorgeous like her dad!

andersoncooper2Credit: Instagram / @andersoncooper

Anderson and his partner Benjamin Maisani have been together for a long time and love Lilly and even random puppies they pass by! Benjamin is a New York City bar owner is just as handsome as his partner!

Ellen Page

ellenpageCredit: Instagram / @ellenpage

Another one of our fave celebrities is Ellen Page. Known for her spectacular performance as Juno, Ellen came out with a bang on Valentine’s Day, 2014 at Time to Thrive. She’s a feminist, a vegan, AND she’s Canadian!!

There’s definitely more where that came from.

redsquare7Credit: Instagram / @redsquare7

She and her partner, Samantha Thomas, take care of their doggy, Patters! They believe Patters to be some kind of wirehair Russell Terrier, but can’t be sure as they rescued him as a puppy.

Neil Patrick Harris

nph2Credit: Instagram / @nph

Our favorite actor from How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris is next on our list of favorite LGBTQ+ celebrities. He and his husband David Burtka had Fred for 12 years, but unfortunately he passed away last year.

nph3Credit: Instagram / @nph

But, they have a new dog, Gidget! David and Neil have been married for almost three years are busy with their almost seven-year-old twins!

Margaret Cho

margaret_cho2Credit: Instagram / @margaret_cho

Our founder at Get Leashed, Dominika, loves Margaret Cho. From her hilarious stand up comedy to her ongoing activism, Margaret is more than her open bisexuality. She’s made way for humanitarian rights for women and people of color. Oh and she loves her doggy, Dagmar.

But that’s not all she loves!

margaret_choCredit: Instagram / @margaret_cho

She and her boyfriend, Rocco Stowe, take adorable photos together on his Instagram. The photos show the pair having dinner together, cuddling, kissing, and pre … lovemaking.

Jim Parsons

therealjimparsons-rufus:otisCredit: Instagram / @therealjimparsons

Big Bang Theory’s quirky actor, Jim Parsons loves his costars and his two fluffy doggos, Rufus and Otis. Jim can probably find his dogs lying around his home trying to blend in with the carpet.

therealjimparsonsCredit: Instagram / @therealjimparsons

But Big Bang Theory and his dogs are not the only things that make up his life, but also his partner Todd Spiewak. They married this year and Jim claims him to be his favorite person in the world!

Ellen  DeGeneres

edbyellenCredit: Instagram / @edbyellen

And of course we didn’t miss Ellen DeGeneres. The talk show host, Dory’s voice actor, and creator of ED by Ellen, has blown through milestones as if they were made of paper.

But she’s not just known for all that. She has a lot of inspiration at home.

portiaderossiCredit: Instagram / @portiaderossi

She and her wife Portia de Rossi have multiple pets at their homes. There are dogs, cats, and horses running all over the place. It helps that Ellen’s own brand has a lot of pet items for them to be swaddled with!

Zachary Quinto

zacharyquintoCredit: Instagram / @zacharyquinto

The new Star Trek’s Spock, Zachary Quinto has three doggies: Noah, Skunk, and Rocco. They’re all of the dark fur and fluffy type and they love him so much. When he comes back from a trip, they climb on him immediately awaiting their hugs.

zacharyquinto2Credit: Instagram / @zacharyquinto

His doggies are not the only beautiful beings in his life. His model boyfriend, Miles McMillan, has been in his life since 2015.

Jillian Michaels

jillianmichaelsCredit: Instagram / @jillianmichaels

Fistporation Queen, Jillian Michaels, rarely takes a break when it comes to inspiring other people to become fit and healthy. Her Instagram is full of transformation photos and healthy food choices. She and her wife, Heidi Rhoades have two children: Pheonix and Lukensia.

But we can’t forget about the doggies!

jillianmichaels2Credit: Instagram / @jillianmichaels

Jillian and her family have a big dog named Duke who is always there for Jillian when it’s time for a break. He acts as a great body pillow.

Jane Lynch

janelynchofficialCredit: Instagram / @janelynchofficial

Last, but not least, is Jane Lynch! Jane is another OG of the LGBTQ+ community and doesn’t let prejudice affect her career. She even got to meet Doug the Pug and made Febreze commercials together. #Lucky

janelynchofficial2Credit: Instagram / @janelynchofficial

Jane rescued three doggies: Olivia, Ben, and Millie. Olivia passed away this May at almost 18 years old. She had one eye and didn’t care for other dogs, but loved people. Ben passed away in October too. Through this heartbreak, Jane adopted Millie! She’s 10 and full of energy!

davidfurnishCredit: Instagram / @davidfurnish

We give an honorable mention to Elton John and husband David Furnish who have no photos of their doggies on Instagram. But, they still stand among the LGBTQ+ celebrity pet community.

We hope you enjoyed this list and let us know your favorites and the one’s we missed!