This Dood Is His Man’s Best Friend Through and Through

You don’t come in “cuddly” for nothing!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this fluffy and silly doggy anyways? People come and go, but your dog is always there for you. Whether you’re going on a walk to take a break, working out, showering, or even just chilling, your doggy will always be excited to keep you company. No mater what, your dog may be the only being you can always rely on.


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

And that’s exactly what this little Dood, Ruxpin, does for his human, Adam. Recently featured on @HotDudesWithDogs, we knew we had to share their loving relationship with our readers!


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

Ruxpin sticks to Adam like glue. He even spots him when he works out at home. He’s the best cheerleader Adam can ask for.


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

That is to say he’s the best cheerleader when his partner Adam (yah, Adam squared), is busy taking the photos of the two together!

Ruxpin is only a year old and all he knows is his dads!


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

Adam hasn’t let go of Ruxpin since he was a puppy and held him whenever he could. They’re even matching!! So much love.


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

Real love looks like this – getting on the same level as your dog and taking silly tongue-out selfies together. Who else does this with their best friend?


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

Even in the “worst” of times, the boys stick together. If you’re going to romp around in the park and get dirty, you need a bath, sorry Ruxpin!


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

The alternative is to play tug of war at home with your dad. There’s no need for a bath and it’s great quality time + easier selfies. (How difficult is it to get a picture with your dog while he’s outside?)

Your best friend gets you like no one else can.


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

And that means that if your best friend likes playing with a shark puppet then you play with him with all your enthusiasm. We don’t know who likes it more.


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

“Human, why are you sitting on the floor? Why are you staring at me? Why don’t you sit with me?”

Most of the time they may understand each other, but sometimes humans confuse doggos.


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

And of course, being an assumingly first and only doggo in Adams’ lives, he got an awesome first birthday party with a cake and everything! Their Father’s Day celebrations will probably be even better!


Credit: Instagram / @adam_diloreto

We celebrate the most intimate and silly love dogs and their dudes have! For more photos, follow Adam @adam_diloreto and Ruxpin @ruxpin.doodle!